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Reply is a leader in 2021 Magic Quadrant for CRM and customer experience implementation services worldwide

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Leader in 2021 Magic Quadrant

The big picture

A shift towards digital

Today’s customers are looking for a less ‘mediated’ relationship with brands but, at the same time, want a personalised experience, that can evolve alongside their changing needs and tastes.

The pandemic has accelerated the shift away from physical stores to fully digital and omnichannel shopping experiences.

The challenge

Rethinking and evolving businesses

To face new challenges, enterprises must rethink and evolve their business and operating models to allow themselves to execute at an unprecedented pace, leveraging the opportunities arising from technologies.

Reshaping customer journey

Enterprise businesses now need to effectively engage with prospects and customers across multiple digital touchpoints to ensure a frictionless, contextual and personalised experience. They need to make customers feel valued across the crm processes, namely marketing, sales, commerce and service, by building a single view of customer.

Hyper personalising

The Axulus Use Case Wizard helps experts to shape a clear use case for IIoT. Each use case requires clearly defined and measurable added value. This makes sure the solution is about the application and not only the technology. Loading pre-filled and customizable Use Case templates speeds up the innovation process.

Building innovative products and services

Building innovative products and services

Revolutioning customer engagement

Making a difference

Solutions with a human-centric
design approach.

Reply's approach to the CX journey is based on a “symphony orchestra” which ensures that every element is connected and optimised – from the CX architecture, to digital design and UX.

The pandemic has accelerated the shift away from physical stores to fully digital and omnichannel shopping experiences.

Use cases

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Home Smart Home

Best Practice
smart home Platform Internet of Things Domotica Home delivery IOT
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Das Beste der In-Store- und eCommerce-Technologien

Case Study
eCommerce Retail & Consumer Products Clients Multichannel Commerce SAP hybris
Card picture

Area360: das Reply Zentrum für Augmented und Virtual Reality

Augmented & Virtual Reality Digital Experience
Card picture

Galaktische Erfolge für die Esselunga-App Star Wars

Case Study
Augmented Reality Digital Experience Game & Gamification mobile app Digital user engagement
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Vereinheitlichung Ihrer Kommunikation in der Praxis

Best Practice

Die Einführung von Unified Communications (vereinheitlichte Kommunikation) innerhalb eines Unternehmens kann zu Einsparungen im finanziellen Sinne führen, aber auch Arbeitsweisen optimieren – durch Vereinfachungen in der Infrastruktur und eine verbesserte Zusammenarbeit der Mitarbeiter.​

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Markenbindung für den Handel im digitalen Zeitalter

retail innovation Retail & Consumer Products
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