Salesforce World Tour Warsaw 2024

Join Reply at Salesforce World Tour Essentials 2024 in Warsaw! As the Salesforce EMEA Strategic Partner we're proud to be a Platinum Sponsor of this most significant event for the Polish Salesforce ecosystem once again.

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19. Juni 2024
08:30 - 18:00
Polish, English, simultaneous translation available
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The Salesforce World Tour returns to Warsaw

Immerse yourself in this CRM, Data, and AI event! Get inspired by the presentations, demos, and conversations with expert practitioners. Discover how to boost profitability and enhance team productivity through the latest technology. Find out how we implement our motto Customer Focus Applied!

Meet the experts from Arlanis Reply, a Salesforce Partner since 2005, to discuss how we can support you in strategic planning and successful implementation of Salesforce solutions. Learn how we seamlessly integrate Salesforce products in all customer-focused processes, including sales, marketing, service, and commerce, to streamline your business operations and drive growth.

Prefer something hands-on?

Visit our booth for live demos showcasing Data Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, and CRM Analytics. Get inspired and see what's possible!

Schedule a friendly meeting with us at our booth or in the Executive Lounge by completing our website's contact form. We will contact you by email to arrange the details before the event.

Excited? Don’t miss our inspiring speech on the main stage, check the details below.


Selling a Satellite:

The Airbus Way

Did you know? Selling a satellite involves navigating through a web of complexities. With over 9,000 active satellites orbiting Earth, each sale unveils a fascinating tale of innovation. Join us as we explore the intricate world of selling bespoke space equipment. This talk will reveal the critical role of consistent data flow in enhancing decision-making processes and ensuring sales process efficiency. Enjoy a glimpse into the future of high-stakes technology sales and learn how these innovative strategies help Airbus remain a leader in the high-tech space industry.

Paweł Kupka, Arlanis Reply
Tim Güll, Arlanis Reply
Bartłomiej Grygiel, Arlanis Reply
Lyes Kadri, Airbus


Arlanis Reply specializes in consulting, planning, developing and integrating Salesforce solutions and services. Arlanis Reply provides market leaders with seamlessly integrated solutions for all customer related processes for sales, marketing and services – from the initial contact to the long-term service business. Arlanis Reply configures all common Salesforce components such as Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Marketing Cloud or App Cloud, or adds individual programming with Heroku if required. With Mulesoft, Arlanis Reply provides an integration technology which allows you to develop, build, analyze, manage and monitor APIs and custom point-to-point integrations. In doing so, Arlanis Reply relies on agile project management methods and a project approach optimized for Salesforce introductions, which ensures maximum flexibility.