Metaverse for education


Rene Schulte & Carlos J. Ochoa Fernández

In this episode of Meta Minutes we dive into a Metaverse world and talk to Carlos J. Ochoa Fernández, a XR and real-time 3D expert and the president of the VRARA Madrid Chapter. We explore what the metaverse is and how it can transform education and learning and we do this in a custom Metaverse world that Carlos and team built. We also discuss the similarities and differences between the metaverse and Second Life, and how history can inform and inspire the future of immersive technologies. Carlos shares his insights and tips from his experience as a consultant and advisor for various organizations, including the European Commission, on how to overcome the main challenges and barriers for the metaverse adoption. Tune in to learn more about the metaverse for education now, and how you can get involved in the metaverse standards forum.

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