Generative AI for the Metaverse


Rene Schulte & Emmanuel de Maistre

In this episode, we talk to Emmanuel de Maistre, Co-founder and CEO of Scenario, about Generative AI for the Metaverse. We explore what the Metaverse means for him and how it can unlock new possibilities for immersive and interactive experiences. We also discuss what Generative AI is and why it’s not only a hype but really such a big enabler for the democratization of content creation. We learn about how his company Scenario is using Generative AI to create game assets that can be used for Metaverse platforms as well. We find out how Scenario’s technology works and how it can help game developers and artists to create high-quality 3D models with minimal effort and cost. Finally, we look into some of the challenges and opportunities of using Generative AI for the Metaverse and what he expects to see in the future. Tune in to find out more about this fascinating topic that can revolutionize content creation and consumption.

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