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Empower your sales team with Microsoft Copilot for Sales

Simplify the sales workflow: Microsoft Copilot for Sales, deployable with the support of Cluster Reply, redefines CRM interaction, allowing sales teams to spend more time taking care of customers.

Focusing on customer relationships

In order to be effective, the sales department of a company should spend most of its time on customer relationship management. It is estimated that most salespeople invest only a third of their time in customer relationship management, while the remainder is focused on internal processes and workflows. Automating and integrating these tasks into the business ecosystem speeds up administrative tasks, leaving salespeople free to focus on what they love to do: customer relationship care.

Enhancing sellers’ experience

Microsoft Copilot for Sales is the solution focused on the salesperson experience, designed to avoid repetitive tasks and interface directly with customers, radically transforming the way they interact with CRM: it eliminates the manual input of data to help salespeople focus on selling, accompanying the customer through the sales process.

Key strengths

Integration of
business tools

End-to-end integration between CRM and the productivity, communication and collaboration tools used in the company.

Sharing and collaboration
between colleagues

Easy sharing of information between work colleagues, providing the team with an up-to-date overview of customer status and past relationship history.

Automated transcripts
and sentiment

Ability to provide real-time transcripts, sentiment analysis and conversation insights to guide the salesperson during the call.


Artificial intelligence
for sales

Through artificial intelligence, the solution provides the salesperson, in the right context, with suggestions and reminders that optimise the sales cycle.



Through Copilot's generative Artificial Intelligence, it is possible to obtain a summary of the salient information during the opportunity lifecycle and an overview of what happened for specific negotiations.

Ready to transform your sales team's productivity and enhance customer relationships? Unlock the power of Microsoft Copilot for Sales with the support of Cluster Reply and empower your sales force for success.


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