AWS Summit Amsterdam 2023

Reply is looking forward to seeing you at this new edition of the AWS Summit Amsterdam. Come and exchange with our AWS experts and share a wonderful immersion in the themes of computer vision and generative AI.

1. Juni 2023
08:00 - 19:00
RAI Amsterdam

Innovate and build your digital business

At the AWS Summit in Amsterdam, you can learn more about how computer vision and generative AI are fostering innovation within enterprises.
As an exclusive Bronze Sponsor at the AWS Summit in Amsterdam, Reply presents an engaging program at our booth. Witness our innovative retail tech demo, offering real-time customer tracking via computer vision. Explore SpellML, our AI assistant revolutionising business workflows with GPT-4
Since 2013, we have been an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, and we are dedicated to helping you transform and connect your business to the cloud. Offering a range of solutions from digital transformation consultancy to managed services.

Come meet our experts at the B8 booth and attend our inspiring talks to learn more about innovating your digital business with AWS solutions.

Demo Sessions

Listen to our demos to find out more about Reply's AWS experience and learn more about the latest advanced technologies.

Streamlining the artistic design process through Generative AI

Our demo will be showcasing how a Stable Diffusion model pipeline, built entirely within the AWS SageMaker Studio ecosystem, is able to aid in the design process of new fashion products. While this pipeline is not a replacement of designers, it will speed up the process by providing a way of quickly exploring new ideas - hence time and resources are not wasted on ultimately failed designs, and successful designs take less time from initiation to completion.

The pipeline can be tailored to specific groups of products (for example bags, perfume bottles), and images produced by the model are unique and belong to the retailer - giving endless possibilities for design inspiration.

ChatLLM Accelerator

As the anticipation for chatGPT continues to surge and the push to democratise AI gains momentum, industries worldwide stand on the brink of transformative change, powered by the impressive prowess of Large Language Models (LLMs). Enter SpellML, Data Reply's trailblazing AI-powered virtual assistant, which is set to redefine how organisations interact with and leverage their business information.

Learn how SpellML harnesses the might of LLMs, like GPT-4, to generate human-like responses that surpass conventional chatbots, enhancing workflows across a multitude of sectors. Explore how SpellML seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure and knowledge repositories, providing customised solutions to your most pressing queries. Understand the unique potential of SpellML to serve both your internal teams and external clients, fuelling productivity, optimising operational efficiency, and contributing to the realisation of your business KPIs and goals.

Meet our experts

Reply has its own B8 booth within the exhibition area, and will show its solutions on computer vision and generative AI, featuring experts from Sprint Reply.

Register now and don't miss the opportunity to meet our experts, play, and win prizes!