Case Study

Setting up luxury environments in 3D

Martinelli Ginetto Group has embarked on the process of digitising its products and its sales processes. The “KOHRO World” app is the first step on the roadmap.

#3D & Mixed Reality


An innovative tool for designers, architects and showrooms to make the sales process more engaging and effective


The digital roadmap for a leader in home textiles

Martinelli Ginetto Group, a long-established, leading Italian manufacturing company in several textile industry segments, is embarking on a major, far-reaching process of digitising its products and its sales processes.

The first Group brand to participate in this process is KOHRO, a symbol of excellence in the world of textile design and a producer of textile collections for the bedding, table, furniture and interior decoration markets. KOHRO’s main target audience consists of architects and interior designers. 


The first step on this transformation journey has involved the development of the “KOHRO World” app. Designed and built using the Protocube Reply platform, the app allows designers, architects, showrooms and partners to “dress” different rooms within the home, thanks to the dynamism and simplicity of the textile customisation of residential projects.


Configuring a customised product

The app provides a guided, intuitive and comprehensive pathway for users. It starts with the choice of environments and different mood boards that feature pre-set configurations to support B2B customers in the development of a customised product.

The choice of options is accompanied at all times by visual previews of the detail identified, as well as numerous, high-definition views of the configured product within a given residential or contract environment. 

Customisation and sustainability

The tool allows for the handling of countless combinations with over 4,000 items in the catalogue, providing the end customer with mood boards, samples and summaries of the configured products, while recording and providing the textile-makers with a clear and comprehensive pathway for producing the customised product.

For the industry, this is a pioneering approach in the way it brings an unprecedented level of usability to a digital product. It simplifies a complex process and propels it into paradigms of sustainability, thereby streamlining both the production processes and the subsequent dispatch of physical samples.


Centralising the 3D Digital Twin

The roadmap continues with the adoption of a solution for the centralisation of the 3D digital twin (the 3D model accompanied by its metadata), necessary to guarantee the storage, management and distribution, on all Martinelli Ginetto Group's digital touchpoints, of the assets created from the digital twin itself.

In addition to centralising the data for the KOHRO brand application, the 3D Platform, the Reply solution used, provides additional visualisation tools for Martinelli Ginetto Group's entire product archive, greatly simplifying a B2B customisation process dedicated to a Luxury customer segment targeted by the Group.

Automated image production functions of the product applied to various furnishing complements are also enabled, useful to support the website visuals and, eventually, the product information kit in ecommerce.


Protocube Reply specialises in the creation and management of 3D assets, offering products and services focused on 3D printing and additive manufacturing. Using some of the most advanced technologies available, Protocube Reply develops 3D content and applications designed to optimise the phases involved in product development and leverage the benefits of 3D visualisation in its customers’ communications and marketing.