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Productivity and work transformation

Go Reply has developed a framework that approaches projects with the end user experience in mind.

#Google Enterprise Integration

G Suite adoption model

Go Reply has developed an adoption framework that incorporates both technology and processes. Go Reply approaches projects with the end user experience in mind.  Our implementations drive business benefits from collaboration and productivity as well as minimising any disruption to the end user through careful change management.

Go Reply provides tools & processes that improve and speed up the migration, with a focus on end users and IT Administrators.


Business App. Impact analysis

Go Reply supports companies to define a decommissioning strategy, analyzing the impact on corporate applications, including shadow IT, of a G Suite adoption. Moreover, we develop application scripts for safely porting VBA macros to Google. We also work with our clients to support the adoption of Chromebook and/or Chrome Browser deployment.

Google Enterprise Integration

Go Reply develops solutions that allow Google functionality to extend into enterprise applications. Some examples of our work in the following area.

  • Workplace solution integration with G Suite tools (e.g. Gmail, Calendar, Drive)

  • Integration with SIEM systems

  • Data classification tools

  • Chrome extension to improve UX of end users

  • Workflow solutions

  • Migration from MS Sharepoint

  • Intranet rollout

  • Enterprise search based on Google Cloud Search

  • Reporting and data entry solution based on Spreadsheet

  • Implementation of solution based on third party solution like LumApps, AODocs

  • Low code application based on Google app maker and app scripts

Google Competence Center

Reply support companies to define governance processes and teams for managing new demand based on Google technology. We work with our clients to define best practises for development and maintenance of solutions to be integrated with Google API’s.