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Improving Sales Interaction with Generative AI

We deliver a Generative AI coach ecosystem to support sales operators in texting scenarios over e-commerce digital channels. The solution  addresses different key aspects of sales interactions, such as live advices about products and services, sentiment analysis and sales compliance evaluation.

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What is the 'Sales AI Coach' ecosystem?

The ‘Sales AI Coach’ ecosystem is a set of integrated features with generative AI to support the marketing and sales activities for all types of e-businesses. It is designed to be integrated with already in place e-commerce digital channel solutions, involving texting approaches (WhatsApp, WeChat and so on). The ‘Sales AI Coach’ is based on state-of-art Microsoft Azure Open AI technology, ensuring both continuously evolving LLM models behind ChatGPT and strong enterprise-grade architectures and cloud services.

'Sales AI Coach’ is able to bring value without limitations, being trained on very specific vertical businesses (fashion, retail, atuomotive, tour operators).


Value for Digital Sales Operation

Sales AI Coach ecosystem enables value for the digital sales operations by providing sales assistants in texting scenarios with the customers by providing:

  • Conversational advisor: live chat advises merging chat interactions, CRM Customer Data, Products & Services catalog

  • Product advisor: live contextual product advises based on chat context and relevant products inquiry, fastening product search use case

  • Commercial Trend advisor: live analysis of custom engagement and commerce experience

Value for Digital Sales Marketing

Sales AI Coach ecosystem enables value for the marketing digital channels by raising awareness and measure of texting informal interactions.

  • Sales compliance evaluation: measure and evaluate anonymized texting interactions with corporate sales guidelines and policies

  • Raise attention point & warnings: provide high level KPIs dashboard enabling digital informal channels governance

  • Chat summarization and keyword extraction: build texting interactions keyword-based clustering enabling further in-deep analysis

Adoption Approach

The 'Sales AI Coach' consists of the following three main steps.


Assess and evaluate conversational context, behaviour and trend.


Pair human operator with a supportive and "coaching" approach



Close the loop by evolving the "under the hood" models with the emerging experience


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