Digital Dialogs - Compact conversations on the future of tech

A podcast diving into emotional intelligence in Tech

Digital Dialogs - Compact conversations on the future of tech is an innovative podcast that aims to explore the cutting-edge frontiers of technology, with a special focus on emotional intelligence and human-computer interaction.

Through a series of concise dialogues and expert insights from professionals, this podcast is a journey into how technology is not only advancing by leaps and bounds but also becoming increasingly sensitive and responsive to our emotions, thereby improving the quality of our daily interactions with machines.



Designing Emotion: The Convergence of AI and Digital Companionship

In this episode, we explore the fusion of emotional intelligence and artificial intelligence with Niccolò Magnani, focusing on the creative intersections that shape user experience and the future of digital and physical AI companionship. Magnani's insights illuminate the challenges and innovations driving the evolution from digital to humanoid robots, highlighting the critical gaps that need bridging to achieve seamless human-robot interactions.


Embodied AI: The Next Frontier with Humanoid Robots

Join us for a fascinating discussion with Will Jackson, the visionary CEO behind Ameca, as we delve into the world of humanoid robotics. This episode will cover the cutting-edge developments in embodied AI, the technical and ethical challenges encountered along the way, and the potential future roles of humanoid robots in society. Through this conversation, we'll gain insight into how humanoid robots are being designed to interact with humans more naturally and effectively.


Neurally Inspired Design: Bridging Emotion and Technology

This episode with Alberto Gallace dives into the heart of neurally inspired design, where cognitive neuroscience meets technology to create experiences that resonate emotionally and sensorially with humans. Gallace shares his expertise on how understanding the brain's mechanisms for integrating sensory information can lead to innovations in design that truly cater to human desires and needs, paving the way for a future where technology and human experience are seamlessly intertwined.


A conversation with ChatGPT about the Future of Affective Computing

This episode explores the intersection of AI, emotional intelligence, and affective computing through a conversation with ChatGPT. We delve into how LLMs are designed to understand and simulate human emotions, the current and potential contributions of these technologies to affective computing, and the broader implications for future AI developments.


Bringing Realism to Virtuality: The Art of 3D Volumetric Capture

Sven Bliedung von der Heide explains the intricacies of 3D volumetric capture technology and its application in creating hyperrealistic digital humans, addressing the challenges in this process and the technology's future potential.

episode 4

Embracing Empathy: The Heart of Social Robotics

Alice Nardelli explores the integration of personality and emotional intelligence in social robotics, emphasizing its potential to revolutionize interactions and its implications for sectors like healthcare and education.


Decoding Human Emotions: the technical journey in AI

Giacomo Maccagni dives into the sophisticated AI techniques for recognizing and interpreting human emotions, the challenges of simulating these affects in real-time, and the contribution of AI to advancing emotion recognition technologies.


Emotions in the Digital Realm

Javier Hernandez discusses the evolution of affective computing from its beginnings to its significant role today in improving emotional health through emotionally intelligent tools, highlighting exciting current applications and future prospects.

Episode 1

Intro to Digital Dialogs

Explore the essence of Affective Computing, uncovering how it integrates emotional intelligence with computational technology.
This introduction sets the stage for upcoming episodes and for understanding its potential to enhance empathetic connections between humans and machines.

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