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ChatGPT and Power BI: the ultimate dynamic duo for Business Analytics

Unlock the potential of integrating ChatGPT and Power BI to take your Business Analytics to the next level.

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Pioneering innovative solutions

Seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technologies and leverage ChatGPT to generate DAX code, translate business requirements into draft measures, and use metadata from the data model to create more informed reports.  

Simplify data analysis and reduce complex reports or queries

Thanks to the advanced tools of the Microsoft Power Platform, we've successfully integrated CHAT GPT capabilities into Power BI.

ChatGPT allows users to ask questions in natural language about the data in Power BI and receive immediate and interactive responses. It can be used as an API call to enhance the reporting process, and, to the other side, calculations can be converted into easy-to-understand, business-readable descriptions for use in the data dictionary.

A data expert on demand, right when you need one!


Make data democratization real

The integration of ChatGPT and Power BI aims to democratize data analysis, making it accessible to everyone within an organization. This combination promotes accessibility, efficiency, and collaboration within the organization, enabling everyone to derive maximum value from data and make informed decisions.


Explore the future of data analytics and how generative AI can be leveraged to provide new insights and opportunities for your business!


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