Leader in Digital Experience Services for four years in a row

Reply once again achieved a top ranking in this year's study by the market research company Lünendonk.

An Annual Overview of DXS in Germany

For its study "The Market for Digital Experience Services in Germany", Lünendonk analyzes the portfolio and business development of German and international IT and management consultancies and digital agencies on an annual basis. In 2023, 28 players were reviewed as part of this study. Besides the revenues generated in 2022 in the three categories of Digital Consulting Services, Digital Agency Services and Digital Technology Services, the evaluation also included the assessment by providers and users.

Top ranking for Reply

Reply is one of the leading full-service providers for digital experience services in the new Lünendonk study "The Market for Digital Experience Services in Germany 2023". The market research company thus honors the above-average breadth and depth of the portfolio, as well as a high market relevance

Key takeaways in 2023

Generative AI is significantly gaining in importance in DX

78 percent of the companies surveyed in the study stated that applications such as Chat GPT currently have a high or even very high relevance for them. This means that Generative AI is the technology trend that has grown the most - with an increase of 36 percent compared to the previous year.

Providers and companies see great potential in chatbots

Improving customer and employee communications with the help of Generative AI: 74 percent of the companies surveyed attribute strong potential to chatbots in this area. Among the DXS service providers interviewed, the figure is even 92 percent.

In addition, respondents identified especially potential for Generative AI in the following application areas: Content creation, improvement of products and services through feedback, design, targeting, segmentation and personalization

More creativity expected thanks to generative AI

84 percent of the companies surveyed expect the use of Generative AI to automate standardizable tasks. The big advantage is that this change will allow employees to focus more on value-adding activities in the future. Thus, around two-thirds of the respondents believe that creativity in DX will increase.

Investments in data-driven topics on the rise

In the future, investments will be made primarily in data-driven topics and also increasingly beyond marketing & sales in order to achieve customer centricity through integrated approaches.

At Reply, we know exactly how to take your DX to the next level with the help of Gen AI. Would you also like to benefit from our expertise?


Lünendonk & Hossenfelder has been analysing European business-to-business (B2B) service markets since 1983. The market researchers focus on the following sectors: management and IT consulting, auditing, tax and legal consulting, facility management and maintenance as well as personnel services (temporary employment, staffing). For decades, the market research and consulting company has been publishing the "Lünendonk lists and studies", which are regarded as market barometers.

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