Case Study

Become a Citizen Developer

Enabling employees to use self-service tools, like the Microsoft Power Platform, to create simple automations is an effective way to drive innovation across your organisation.

Drive automation at scale across your organisation

Your employees know their jobs best, and with Power Platform they can be empowered to solve pain points and improve processes by automating tasks and building simple applications, freeing up their time for more value generating work. We call this Citizen Development. It’s predicted that the number of active citizen developers at large enterprises will be at least four times the number of professional developers by 2023.

With the interest in citizen development growing, as an organisation you will want to ensure there is governance in place that drives organic growth and innovation whilst also providing a place of support and security. This is what we call a Centre of Excellence. Creating a Centre of Excellence provides direction for citizen development through:

  • Setting standards of best practice and governance

  • Maintaining consistency

  • Sharing knowledge

  • Providing encouragement and inspiring citizen developers

  • Upskilling citizen developers through training and mentorship programmes

Empowering Co-op’s work strategy

We have worked closely with Co-op over the past four years to support the delivery of their modern work strategy. Having successfully achieved M365 adoption, the next step was to empower colleagues to leverage the power of Power Platform and deliver their own solutions to eliminate painful processes and improve ways of working. This video was part of a recruitment campaign that we designed to inspire Co-op colleagues to apply to become Citizen Developers.

How Reply can help?

As specialists in Power Platform and Adoption and Change Management, we can support your organisation to create a Centre of Excellence for Power Platform and drive adoption of the tools by:

  • Working with you to build a strategy that aligns with your organisational objectives.

  • Creating a governance framework that provides the guardrails for citizen developers to make the most of the power platform tools.

  • Shaping and execute a recruitment campaign, inspiring future citizen developers to get involved.

  • Introduce aspiring citizen developers to the Power Platform and show them what’s possible.

  • Building knowledge and bring their automation ideas to life with expert training and mentorship programmes.

  • Promoting the solutions across your organisation and inspire the next group of citizen developers to bring their ideas to life with the Power Platform.

Empower your people through a citizen developer programme to drive innovation and automation across your organisation at scale. You’ll see that even the simplest solutions can have a powerful impact. 

Become a Citizen Developer