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Conversational commerce extension for SAP Hybris

Reply Voice Commerce

E-commerce and retail trade continue to develop. In the past, ongoing development was often driven primarily by technological progress, but this is no longer the case, as the focus nowadays is often placed on the customers and their changing behaviour when it comes to buying.

On the one hand, customers are looking for new, interactive buying experiences and offers geared to their needs. On the other hand, they want to make the replenishment process as efficient as possible, especially when it comes to everyday products.

With Reply Voice Commerce, Syskoplan Reply has developed an extension for SAP Hybris that precisely addresses this need for simplification, and with which language can be used as a natural communication medium.

The challenge

All of the tissues have all been used, the last carton of milk has just been emptied, the bottle of chewing gum in the car is empty, the light bulb is defective. All of these are products for which the replenishment process could be reduced to an "Order tissues!" or an "I need a new light bulb!". And the products have actually already been chosen subconsciously, namely during the last shopping trip. At the supermarket, a customer would choose the same toilet paper he has already bought last time.

The solution

Input/output devices for voice-supported shopping are already available and can be exchanged as and when required: the smart watch on the wrist, voice recognition in the car or even specialised voice assistants like Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home. If natural language cannot be used due to, for example, the current situation or the surroundings, informal written orders can also be placed via messengers such as WhatsApp or Telegram. Based on SAP Hybris as a Service (YaaS), Reply Voice Commerce provides a package that can be used to communicate with various services on the in/output devices via a generic interface.

Discover the various services...

Commerce Button Service

Similar to the Amazon Dash Button, but only voice-controlled here, individual products can be ordered directly. The customer has already defined which specific product and which quantity should be ordered via the web shop when they enter "Order milk" via the input device. The delivery address and payment method have also already been entered in the web shop, which means the order can be placed directly.

Shopping List Service

Similar to a having a shopping list, the customer can first of all place individual articles in a shopping basket, and thus collect products over a period of time. Than, they can be ordered together in a single order later on: "Place milk in shopping basket". The check-out in such a case takes place later on, either via a voice command or a mobile device or PC that is connected to the web shop.

Voice Agent Service

The Voice Agent Service is the core service behind the voice recognition. This interprets the spoken or written sentence with the help of artificial intelligence, and a syntax analysis is also carried out before the interpretation results are sent to the other services. The Voice Commerce Package uses for this purpose.

Basket Service

If the check-out is to take place via a voice command, the content of the shopping basket will first be “read out” to the customer before the order is actually placed, to ensure it is correct.

Reply Voice Commerce Extensions

In addition to these services, Reply Voice Commerce also provides generic extensions for the web shop in question based on SAP Hybris Commerce. With these extensions, the customer can manage the required master data such as delivery address or payment type as well as product preferences that are selected automatically by the system when products are ordered via Voice Commerce or placed in the shopping basket.