Case Study

An IoT platform to harmonise renewable energy data

Sense Reply transforms the management of data deriving from renewable energy plants through an IoT platform.



The challenge

Optimise the production of renewable energy through proactive monitoring of generation plants.


Plant management and monitoring

The renewable energy sector faces a unique challenge: managing and interpreting data from various plants, each with its own monitoring system.

In fact, by monitoring information, manufacturers can reduce production downtime due to failures, limit field interventions through predictive maintenance tools, increase production by anticipating weather conditions, and maximise profit through the efficient use of batteries.

A leader in the renewable energy sector faced this challenge on a daily basis, having to harmonise data from wind and solar farms with very different and often incompatible monitoring technologies. The lack of a unified system was an obstacle to operations, making it difficult to compare the state and performance of the various plants. The need for a unique platform that could give an overall view in real time had become an essential requirement to ensure optimal and proactive management of energy assets and to activate advanced services for new business models.


The solution

Unify inputs with a unique IoT solution

To effectively respond to this challenge, Sense Reply has proposed its own IoT platform, capable of abstracting field specificities and enabling the complete integration of data into sophisticated IT systems. The platform allows users, through a series of protocols, to enable bidirectional communication with plants, and facilitates the convergence of heterogeneous data into a single centralised data lake, storing them in a single, configurable format. The data collected in the field can be enriched with dynamic tags, also through the use of AI algorithms, and monitored in real time through KPIs or instant metrics. Thanks to this approach, the data can be processed and made accessible for in-depth analysis, offering a complete view of the plant's operations and also enabling predictive maintenance interventions.


Fast deployment with RIPA

To carry out this project, the Sense Reply team acted on several fronts.


Reply IoT Platform Accelerator

The proprietary RIPA accelerator (Reply IoT Platform Accelerator) was used to speed up the implementation of IoT platform modules, adapting it to the needs of each individual energy plant and reducing overall implementation costs.


Standardised model & procedures

A model and a standardised procedure have been defined to guide the integration of data relating to present and future plants, ensuring consistency in the processing of information.


AWS Services

AWS serverless components have been used to provide a solid and flexible technological base, capable of supporting the expansion and management of data without compromising quality or security.


An accurate 360° monitoring


GWp (Gigawatt-peak) managed


Countries with monitored plants


Typologies of SCADA managed

+ 30k

Assets monitored overall


Sense Reply is the Reply group company specialized in IoT, end-to-end solutions for Energy & Utilities, Telecommunications and Smart Cities. Sense Reply supports market-leading companies operating in these sectors in the transformation of their business models, processes and ICT architecture, in order to obtain a competitive and economic advantage by exploiting the power of IoT. Sense Reply designs and implements new services and business processes, enabling Things-to-Things, Human-to-Things and AI-to-Things models.

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