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A reference point for free and inclusive research

Reply has launched the new digital presence of the Luigi Einaudi Foundation: a new digital positioning, online portal, and an impressive digitalization of the statist archive.

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Dialogue with Luigi Einaudi thanks to AI

Dialogue with Luigi Einaudi thanks to AI

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A new digital presence for the Luigi Einaudi Foundation

The project aims to define the new digital presence for the Luigi Einaudi Foundation, with the goal of enhancing and sharing the rich cultural heritage in its care.
Through the new portal, alongside promotional events and initiatives, the Foundation tells its own story and allows the community to search through its collection: over 30,000 items of content including volumes and archive papers. This allows the Foundation to fulfil its mission of making knowledge more accessible.

Improving society through the study of social sciences

The Foundation experienced a crucial time of reflection of its own identity, the main theme being: how to achieve goals and guidelines in an extremely varied social, cultural and academic environment. On one hand these changes concerned new languages and communication tools that are digital and engaging. On the other hand, user's behaviour had also changed, modifying the ways of researching in the Italian university landscape. A new approach was essential to give easier access to the Foundation's resources and activities, specifically the library and archive which offer free and inclusive access to knowledge.

A clear purpose:

read the past, while reading the present

In this context, it became clear that the Foundation's digital presence had to be redesigned, considering the new message to be conveyed, but also the channels used, so that it could reach and communicate with new target audiences. There was the challenge of making sure the precious heritage in the library and the historical archive became more accessible: standardising the use of content, enriching it with new digitised content, and efficiently reorganizing it in the new digital archive.

The Foundation's online presence has been redesigned by converting the website from an educational approach to an engaging one, through narrative and functional paths that highlight its identity: not only archive and library (constantly enriched), but also scholarships, publications and the promotion of seminars and conferences.

The Digital Archive is based on a Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution and currently contains:








pages available for

Reply's role

TamTamy Reply, who held the role of PM and development management, collaborated with Bitmama Reply for the design and communication. They also collaborated with Discovery Reply for the digitization and organisation of the new digital archive, enterprise Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution on AWS Cloud. The three Reply companies brought together their experience to achieve the goal of innovating the digital presence of the Foundation. The result is a well-performing platform integrated with existing systems, serving over 30,000 content items in a brand new digital archive.


Established in 1964 with the donation of Luigi Einaudi’s collection, the Foundation now represents a landmark for social sciences. Over the years, the continuous growth of the library and the archive – together with the support given to young students through the scholarships, the promotion of publications, and the organisation of seminars and conferences – have allowed the Foundation to fulfil its mission, making knowledge increasingly more accessible.