White Paper

The rise of Autonomous Mobile Robots

Reply is continuously scouting and evaluating the latest robotics technologies, to determine their aptitude for viable business use cases.

Be at the forefront of Autonomous Mobile Robots market

At Reply, we recognise immense opportunities arising from advances in robotics. We analyse the economic impact and explore new fields of applications while already delivering real use cases and turnkey solutions that add value for our clients.

A wider technological landscape

We’ve been establishing strong partnerships with leading robotic manufacturers, as well as with technology providers, to support the integration of cutting-edge robotics with leading enterprise solutions. Applying highly effective Design Thinking, methodology and agile delivery approaches, we combine creativity and technology to identify economically viable processes for automation with mobile robotics that quickly scale value.

Reply’s data-driven market insights division has recently published a report on the market of Autonomous Things, that sheds light on the current trends and can inspire companies in identifying viable business cases. For example, AGVs be used in healthcare scenarios (in the case of supplies and food being transported into hospitals) or in large warehouses as mobile robotic fulfilment systems.

With a strong background in engineering, dedicated Reply companies are able to tailor-make specialised sensors and devices that can be mounted on moving objects so they can fulfil exactly their purpose. Reply also provides a dedicated lab for test automation of IoT devices, where equipment can be submitted to stress and pen tests for quality assurance, and a Smart Test Automation innovative platform, which tests services already in use inside a company’s system.

Our strong footprint in IT Security further integrates the cybersecurity aspect early on in the solution development, besides expanding the protection of networks, data and connected robots from attacks.

Robots on the move

At the core of Reply’s strength matrix stands the integration of systems and the development and training of ML algorithms that can be deployed to the robots, to the Edge Cloud or to the central cloud and that give robots the autonomy needed to improve businesses.

The next-gen of Autonomous Robots

Progress in Artificial Intelligence has led to a surge of autonomous mobile Robots like drones, wheeled or legged robots and vehicles for advanced and potentially dangerous tasks previously performed by humans. The next-gen robots rely on Autonomous Technology that varies in application field, sophistication and maturity.

Edge Cloud empowers Robots Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is transforming cognitive operations comparable to how steam power has transformed physical labour. The overarching concept is one of Intelligent Networks, in which the interconnected AI is distributed over several layers from a central cloud, over an Edge Cloud into the individual robot itself.

Robotics Platform and Swarm Robotics

With the growth of different types of robots deployed in companies, the need to enable them to communicate with each other arises. Reply has deep expertise in the development of cloud-based Robot Operating Systems, these facilitate M2M communication between different types of distributed robots via a cloud service.

Shaping the next level of Autonomous Mobile Robots

With a comprehensive technological skillset and industry know-how, Reply is ready to support enterprises in integrating mobile robotics into their operations as well in developing innovative business models based on intelligent autonomy.

For businesses, increasingly sophisticated autonomous mobile robots, drones and vehicles represent a way to compensate for labour shortages in certain business fields and to keep the human workforce safe from hazards and dangerous environments.

The COVID-19 pandemic, for instance, has exacerbated the situation in the healthcare sector on a global level and AGVs e.g. already help to transport equipment and to disinfect facilities in hospitals, without risking to spread the virus or to get infected.

Protecting the human life from harm, reducing costs, increasing productivity: these are the main drivers of robotics adoption in enterprises. AI-based real-time decision making and cutting-edge robotic not only help to optimise existing scenarios, they can as well transform entire business models.