Case Study

Robotics in real estate operations

Reply, among the first Boston Dynamics Integration Partners worldwide, is testing the "SPOT" robot with ECE to support businesses in benefitting from advanced mobile robotics. As part of the so-called "Early Adopter Program" Reply and ECE have identified multiple possible use cases.

Shaping the future
of Real Estate Management with mobile robotics

What could a meaningful integration of robots in real estate operations look like? Which strategy is the right one for a worldwide leading real estate company like ECE looking to deal with robotics?

The ideal partners to answer these complex questions are Reply and the industrial robot "SPOT" from Boston Dynamics. Reply is among the first Boston Dynamics Integration Partners worldwide, determined to support businesses in benefiting from advanced mobile robotics. With the help of Reply, SPOT can be configured flexibly according to customer specific requirements. The robot has various additional components, so that there are virtually no limits in using it for different use cases and application concepts.

Intelligent Maintenance

Initially, the solution will focus in particular on the use case of early physical and mechanical damage detection in parking buildings through cognitive computing. As part of its center management activities, ECE manages a total of 120 parking garage objects and facilities, which is why foresighted building maintenance plays an important role, especially for investors. This includes the state-of-the-art in Cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence, (AI) Machine Learning (ML) and Internet of Things (IoT).

Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (ML), the robot is able to independently collect audio-visual information to identify and categorize damage. In the future, "SPOT" will use the data to estimate the type of damage, the cost of repairing the damage, and the latest date for repair.

By testing robotics in real estate operations at an early stage using our multi-use case approach, we are gaining valuable insights for the future,
where more and more different robots are used and managed in a supportive manner in real estate.

Christian Schlicht
ECE Director Center Management

Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Digital Twins

Climbing stairs, taking high resolution photos with machine vision, collecting and processing valuable data for predictive maintenance and creating 3D scans for digital twins – ECE, Reply and Boston Dynamics’ robot SPOT are on a mission to innovate the next generation in real estate operations. In close collaboration Reply and ECE have identified multiple possible use cases for intelligent real estate operations to find out whether previously identified applications can be used in center operations and provide the promised added value for customers and investors.

The focus is on fundamental and concrete, operational questions: Which pain points in center operation can a robot like SPOT improve or even eliminate? And how can the Technical Manager be supported in his daily work with essential tasks and routines? The evaluation also focuses on Building Information Modelling (BIM) and 3D scans conducted by the robot to create Digital Twins accessible with Mixed Reality technology.


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