Case Study

A new digital experience for insurance agencies

We supported a global insurance group in re-thinking the agency experience with the objective of improving both their commercial effectiveness and operational efficiency.

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#Employee Experience Strategy
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Innovating the agency digital experience of a global insurance group



An inclusive approach

We conducted a number of design research activities including agency visits, shadowing sessions, interviews with agency employees, agents and their customers in order to identify key opportunities and needs. This inclusive approach was instrumental in bringing on-board all of the different roles impacted by change and turn them into catalysts of the transformation.


Transforming businesses

Based on the prioritized insights, we co-created and defined a viable strategy and a concept for a new and innovative customer centric digital experience, aimed at improving both operational efficiency and commercial effectiveness of the agency.


Spark Reply was founded in 2016, with the aim of turning innovative ideas into viable businesses through superior experiences and game-changing technologies. Spark Reply is the partner to transforms existing businesses and setting off on new ventures, with people at the core of every project.

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