Case Study

A digital lab to change the way of working

We supported a leading global industrial vehicle manufacturer in the start-up of their Digital Lab with the aim of both accelerating the time to market of innovative solutions and creating capabilities such as people/customer-centricity and agility. The initial focus of the Digital Lab was to re-think the buying experience for a fast-changing customer base, leveraging digital tools to support the transition from a purely transactional experience to a more one.

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Our goal

Re-designing the working process of a industrial vehicle manufacturer


our method

An outside-in approach

We brought an innovative and external point of view, adding to the mix our experience from similar projects in other industries. We provided support to the management team in undertaking change by accelerating and facilitating the adoption on new ways of working. We helped create a culture focused on customers and the employees who interact with them across the entire customer journey.


Working as an innovation partner

We formed a joint, cross-functional team with the client, working side-by-side to shape a new way of working that would fit within the company culture. In parallel, we supported the creation of an in-house design team, preparing it to take over the key work streams.

Advanced prototyping on Salesforce to align the organization

We created advanced prototypes of digital solutions on the reference technology stack (Salesforce), showing quick progress and anchoring the vision to tangible artefacts. This provided alignment and a “reason to believe” for the wider organization: from the executive management team to the sales representative.


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