Case Study

Redesigning the digital buying journey

We supported the UAE’s largest mobile services marketplace in redesigning their online experience to improve their conversion rate.

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our goal

Designing a new buying experience as the starting point of a new brand strategy


OUR method

Tailoring our approach to a distributed team

We collaborated closely with the client team, located in Dubai, Poland, London and India, working as an innovation partner to collaboratively define a consistent and modern design solution. We followed and applied state of the art UX patterns and interaction models, tailoring our approach to best fit the client’s needs, timeline and preferences. After the concept definition, we delivered the new design solution during 4 agile sprints.


Going the extra mile

We didn’t limit ourselves to solely working towards the objective of increasing the conversion rate. By leveraging the benchmark activities, we completely re-though and re-designed the platform in order to improve the entire experience and make it competitive on the market.

From the opportunity to the solution

The outcome was a detailed concept design and brand new design system, delivered in 4 agile sprints. We also designed a new brand strategy and prepared a set of guidelines, so that new teams working on the platform wouldn’t need a handover or onboarding to be fully operational and up-to-date.


Spark Reply was founded in 2016, with the aim of turning innovative ideas into viable businesses through superior experiences and game-changing technologies. Spark Reply is the partner to transforms existing businesses and setting off on new ventures, with people at the core of every project.

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