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How to optimize a contact center thanks to Generative AI

Learn how Go Reply effectively leveraged Google Cloud's Generative AI technology to develop a Speech Analytics solution capable of streamlining a contact center’s performance.

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Improving customer experience and satisfaction by fine-tuning the management of operator-customer conversations through Generative AI.


Navigating contact center dynamics

In the contemporary landscape of customer service, the interactions unfolding between call center agents and customers unveil a reservoir of invaluable insights. These insights wield the potential to substantially amplify the overall customer experience and elevate satisfaction to new heights.

When a customer’s concern encounters inadequate resolution within a singular call, it frequently propels them to engage in multiple interactions, thereby augmenting the risk of permanent attrition.

Compound to this is the escalating intricacy of customer requests, occasionally underscoring gaps in the quality of assistance dispensed by call center agents.

Yet, amidst these multifaceted challenges, the insights distilled from customer interactions emerge as pivotal determinants. For this reason, a major telecommunications company reached out to us with the goal of making the most out of their contact center by leveraging advanced technologies.



A speech analytics platform leveraging Generative AI

To address this challenge, Go Reply implemented an innovative speech analytics platform, harnessing the capabilities of Google Cloud technologies and fortified with Generative AI capabilities. This versatile solution seamlessly converts spoken exchanges between operators and customers into textual records; leveraging this transcribed content, the platform identifies the recurrent and pertinent topics embedded within the conversations.

The audit process systematically evaluates the alignment of operator conduct with the predetermined best practices, ensuring adherence to the company's standards. By conducting a comprehensive analysis of customer interactions, the platform then evaluates sentiment through an examination of the terminology utilized during calls. Ultimately, the system establishes essential KPIs, which serve as metrics for monitoring and extracting advanced business insights.


Harnessing Google Cloud for insights workflow

Once the transcript is generated, a subsequent analysis takes place, aimed at identifying intent and topics, and classifying for audit purposes. This comprehensive process is facilitated by Google's Vertex AI platform, which harnesses pre-trained models from Google via AutoML. To achieve this, we leveraged Google's pre-existing models fine-tuning them on supervised specific tasks using labeled datasets, subsequently deploying the model through Vertex AI platform.

Leveraging the capabilities of Generative AI, following a careful prompt design phase, we further enabled the summarization of conversations. The outcomes of these processes were then comprehensively collected using a reporting tool, Google Looker, that highlights different KPIs.


From summarization up to sentiment analysis

With the integration of Generative AI in the speech analytics solution, which kicks off from transcribing and summarizing call conversations, a realm of comprehensive use cases becomes available for exploration.

Dialogue follow-up

Generative AI facilitates capturing the operator's follow-up, summarizing completed and pending tasks. This proves valuable for audits, ensuring adherence to call protocols and guidelines.

Customer request classification

Comprehending why customers contact the call center is vital. Generative AI streamlines this, extracting intent from conversations without relying on extensive labeled data.

Dialogue sentiment analysis

Harnessing the power of Generative AI allows for the calibration of sentiment analysis, creating a specialized understanding of emotions for both customers and operators in the context of the contact center.

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