Product & Accelerator

3D Platform

Reply's 3D Platform accelerates innovation and transforms 3D asset management for fashion brands and enterprises.

From traditional product development
to delivering virtual goods

Reply developed a platform that enables an extremely high-performance user experience thanks to new hyper-realistic 3D garment design features. Each workflow can be adapted according to customisation parameters in a dynamic and extremely streamlined environment, which guarantees maximum usability and interoperability: faster decisions, authorisations and pattern approvals in a short timeframe, with advantages for production and time-to-market.

Reply's holistic end-to-end strategy

After several years of experience with different brands, Reply has developed a holistic view to strategically integrate 3D technologies in the product development process, enhancing the related digital assets and 3D resources within an end-to-end solution

3D Strategy

  • 3D Adoption Roadmap

  • Software selection

  • Business Case

  • Change Management

3D Platform

  • 3D Asset Management

  • 3D Configurators

  • AR & Try-on, VR Applications

  • Virtual Interactive Showroom

  • Automated Rendering

3D Services

  • Color management

  • Digitalisation of materials

  • 3D Flow Optimisation Tool

  • 3D Modeling

  • 3D Custom Web Viewers

One 3D Platform, millions of digital products

A digital twin of a product can be created from scratch or generated from existing specifications (CAD data, 3D projects, etc.).

It can be offered as realistic visual content and managed by applications integrated with corporate systems, to make the most of the three-dimensional data obtained.

The value of 3D assets increases exponentially when they are linked, via metadata, to other relevant assets and information, such as manufacturing specifications, photographs to generate 360 videos, photo-realistic rendering, and even more.


The full value of 3D and an integrated asset manager

Reply’s modular 3D platform is cloud based and it allows the automatic and scalable creation of digital products starting from 3D models and related materials. It can provide all the necessary data and information to the frontend to represent different variants, manage revisions, workflows, standardisation and team collaboration.

A dynamic, API first system that adapts to fit specific processes and workflows for different digital touchpoints (web configurators, ecommerce catalogues, etc.).

Resources can be created and accessed from one central repository, which provides several functionalities:


Advanced search filters (file format, number of polygons, etc.)


Checks on project templates


Organisation of resources in folders and subfolders


Possibility to inspect geometry, materials and textures


Selection of privacy settings for each upload


Sharing of 3D content with external teams and collaborators