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Innovating the mobile banking validation system

How we give banks a reliable system to monitor their software quality, leveraging innovative solutions like AI-powered Test Automation.

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Why major Italian Banks rely on us

Major banking companies need trusted Quality Assurance partners with specific experience in their business field, providing end-to-end control along the application life-cycle. This is what we do: we know the main challenges that our customers face, and we support them in addressing those challenges by bringing innovative industry-specific solutions which reduce delivery costs and increase overall efficiency. Concept Reply is a trusted Quality Assurance partner for most of the top Italian banks, having deep knowhow of innovations and solutions of the global financial services market (functional and technical - fintech) with observatories, partnerships and projects.

Our Mobile Banking validation solutions are built on the following major pillars.

Customized testing strategy 

With a solid functional and technical background in the global financial services market, and collaborating with most of the top Italian banks, we are able to implement the most effective testing strategy for Mobile Banking apps, starting with Requirement Analysis and Test Design phases (looking for gaps, double-checking corner scenarios, always focusing on real user expectations and business relevance). Our methodology typically brings the 80/20 rule during Test Execution (80% of the criticalities in the very first testing phases, after 20% of the effort spent), and this makes a difference when it comes to respecting the project timelines and reducing overall costs. Finally, our Test Engineers are used to working on Mobile Banking apps, so it is straightforward to highlight issues or simple recommendations on a usability and benchmarking level.

Cross-device strategy and device market evolution

Considering that the majority of supported touchpoints are typically not tested before a go-live, and that the consumer market rapidly evolves, we have developed a proprietary methodology based on a deep know-how of end-user touchpoints (smartphones, tablets, wearables, web, desktop) and tools to face the evolving market quality challenges, deriving from 15+ years of experience in the field of electronic device manufacturing, which ensures a nominal test device coverage of up to 99% of the targeted customer base and a continuous monitoring of the quality against the latest market challenges (new OS platform versions, new device models, etc.). This is also supported by our “Device Farm”: 1000+ physical devices owned and constantly updated on base on market share analysis (access to real market data) and technological innovations, to support all necessary quality assurance initiatives on targeted applications.

Quality Optimization through Artificial Intelligence

Adopting the Agile and DevOps methodology, Quality needs to be granted along product and service development lifecycles: the approach of Regression testing is used to continuously validate software evolutions detecting whether new errors have been introduced into previously tested code. Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning algorithms, applied to complex network models analyzing the structure of the software under testing, have been integrated with our Test Automation solution to minimize the testing efforts: they are capable of maximizing potential bug findings while respecting the given time constraint and user-defined priority rules based on business criticality. Finally, the voice of customers (retrieved from different sources such as social networks, app stores, customer care channels, etc.) is taken into account in order to focus the testing efforts on the most critical areas and schedule the test when it is more relevant for the business. 

Excellence based on facts

We have supported a major Italian banking operator in reaching the 1st position in the Forrester Best Mobile App 2021 report (Exclusive Quality Assurance support)

We are partners of most of the top Italian banks, supporting app store ranking monitoring & improvement initiatives

We ensure a nominal test device coverage of up to 99% of the targeted customer base


We have been able to enhance the non-regression process (e.g. in real cases, around 5000 runs/month on different banking subdivisions) thanks to our AI-powered Test Automation solutions


Concept Reply specializes in the research, development, and validation of innovative solutions in the IoT (Internet of Things) field. Today, we are recognized as a center of expertise and excellence in Testing and Quality Assurance, and include a Business Unit that specializes in this service. Thanks to our laboratories and to an international team of professionals specializing in the QA and Validation fields, we are able to offer companies end-to-end support for the validation of products and services, while also optimizing costs and time-to-market.