Case Study

Anchor RPA in the long-term

Thanks to Macros Reply's integrative approach, Gothaer has not only succeeded in introducing Robotic Process Automation, but also in ensuring the long-term success of this technology in the company.

#center of competence

Decentralized RPA teams in the specialist departments and a central centre of competence: thanks to this combination, around 30 software bots are now successfully in use at the insurance company Gothaer.


Tackling RPA’s lack of acceptance

Numerous companies have introduced Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in recent years: this technology enables the creation of useful software bots that can take over recurring routine tasks and thus reduce the workload. Despite this potential, RPA fails in many companies: the necessary tools are implemented, but the lack of acceptance among employees means that only a few bots are created or the existing ones are not used. To avoid such a failure, the insurance group Gothaer has relied on the support of Macros Reply.


The solution

Engaging employees through an integrative approach

Not only implement, but also anchor in the long term: this was the philosophy behind the introduction of RPA at Gothaer. For this, the experts from Macros Reply developed an integrative approach based on two pillars.

Many decentralized RPA teams

In order to involve the staff right from the start, numerous decentralized RPA teams were set up in the departments. These teams decided where the software bots should be used and took care of the concrete development of these. This ensured that the solutions met the needs of the employees. At the same time, the acceptance of the new technology was strengthened and its use in everyday life became more likely.

A central centre of competence

The decentralized RPA teams were supported by the central Centre of Competence. Its main task was networking, transferring know-how, establishing standards, organizing training, and supporting the RPA teams in the departments. This ensured that the developed bots met certain quality criteria and compliance guidelines.

Cooperation at eye level

The results

Saving working hours for value-added tasks

Gothaer currently has around 30 software bots in use. Some of them are used temporarily, others permanently. The areas of application of these bots are diverse and range from new customer registration, claims processing and benefit settlements to correspondence digitization. In total, Gothaer can now save around 40,000 working hours per year in routine processes thanks to them.

This creates the capacity for more demanding tasks. Thanks to the integrative approach during the implementation, the RPA technology additionally relieves the employees exactly in the places where they need it. And so the practical software bots at Gothaer also convince the staff.


The Gothaer Group is one of the largest German insurance companies, with a premium income of 4.6 billion euros and around 4.1 million insured members. The product range extends across all insurance classes in the private and corporate client business. Gothaer is committed to providing high-quality and, above all, personal advice to its customers.


Macros Reply is an expert in digitalization and automation of business processes for insurance companies and financial service providers. In order to meet their high standards, Macros Reply develops flexible and configurable software for the core functionalities, enhanced with solutions from selected, tested and long-term partners. Using innovative technologies such as Process Mining, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Machine Learning, Macros Reply helps its customers in their transformation into modern, fast acting companies: Relieve the processing from routine work and support value-adding activities, with benefits for the customer in significantly reduced processing times. Macros Reply also stands for: ECM, transaction processing & DMS, distribution rules, workflow & process management, eFiles and ePostboxes, and archiving.