Case Study

How we enabled a customer-centric digital transformation

We supported a global device manufacturer on their digital transformation program aimed at consolidating market leadership through new customer-centric digital processes and solutions.

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OUR goal

Enhancing a customer-centric, digital transformation program for a global device manufacturer


our method

An inclusive approach

We conducted extensive design research with internal stakeholders, partners, distributors and customers worldwide to identify key transformation opportunities and potential hurdles along the way. This inclusive approach was instrumental in providing context to all of the involved stakeholders and turn them into active catalysts of the transformation.


A human-centric roadmap

The emerged opportunities were always prioritized by assessing the impact and the value they could bring to customers and external partners. This helped the organization in defining prioritization criteria which not only benefitted the business in the short term but also created a solid platform for long-term growth.

Turning opportunities into solutions

Based on the prioritised opportunities, we co-created and prototyped several solutions with a particular focus on those who have the biggest impact on employees, customers and end-users.


Spark Reply was founded in 2016, with the aim of turning innovative ideas into viable businesses through superior experiences and game-changing technologies. Spark Reply is the partner to transforms existing businesses and setting off on new ventures, with people at the core of every project.

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