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The Digital Humans Revolution

Discover MARGO-T, the next-generation Virtual Assistant by Machine Learning Reply, ready to answer all your questions.

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MARGO-T is a virtual assistant able to interact with humans through natural language and video. This digital human will understand you regardless of the language you use, illustrating different use cases according to your interest, or discussing more general topics by harnessing the power of dialogues and generative content. All this is possible thanks to Google’s dialogue and synthesis engine and the creativity of generative artificial intelligence provided by a Transformer model. The response of the MARGO-T digital human is not predefined, but instead, is a real dialogue with the artificial intelligence, even on topics outside the business, with a fluid animation that is synchronised with the textual content.

A real conversation with artificial intelligence

The first interaction with the digital assistant is via the front-end that animates the avatar and its lip synchronisation. The digital human, via Google's Speech-To-Text, recognises speech and converts it to text to be processed by a conversational agent. It enables the virtual assistant to qualify areas and market sectors for Reply Machine Learning. The conversation with the virtual assistant is similar to the conversation one would have with a real human, as it is based on the generative phase with a Transformer deep learning model. The response provided by the digital human is not predefined; it varies depending on the human’s input, and the conversation results in a real dialogue with the artificial intelligence.

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