Case Study

Smart services for Multivac

An IIoT platform enables intelligent monitoring and control of packaging systems in real time.

# IIoT
# Real-time data
# Simplified control & monitoring


The challenge

Development of Industry 4.0 solutions for the leading manufacturer of packaging systems.

The scenario

Digital connectivity with IIoT

Whether it is food, industrial or medical products: thanks to Multivac, there is the right packaging for almost every product. With its packaging systems, which the company sells to other businesses, Multivactis constantly setting new standards in terms of quality and efficiency, as well as sustainability.

In order to also stay ahead in terms of digital connectivity and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Multivac has now engaged the experts from Concept Reply to develop smart services that simplify the control and monitoring of the machines.

The solution

A cloud-based platform

At the heart of Concept Reply's new solution is a cloud-based IIoT platform that acts as a central monitoring and management instance. All data from the machines is processed there. Multivac customers can conveniently view this data via freely configurable dashboards and optimally monitor their systems thanks to a large number of sensors and control them using smart service and actuators. In addition, the open ecosystem enables the connection of different machines and thus ensures the secure transport of data along the entire value chain.


How we achieved this

The technology behind it

All of this is made possible by an Azure-based microfrontend architecture using modern web technologies such as Vue3 and Nest Js. CI/CD ensures that the quality of the code used is constantly monitored and improved. The clever combination of cloud and edge computing reduces the latency of data acquisition, sensor technology and control at the same time.

The advantages

Safe, fast and advanced

Thanks to the collaboration with Concept Reply, Multivac customers benefit from a wide range of advantages:


Real-time data processing

The IIoT platform facilitates the monitoring of systems and enables quick adjustments thanks to up-to-date real-time data.


Protection against cyber attacks

The experts at Concept Reply have integrated special security measures to reliably protect all data from cyber attacks.


Optimized processes

In order to realize optimal processes, all systems that are integrated into the system communicate via the edge and exchange information independently.


Bundled expertise, innovative cutting-edge technology and strong brands under one roof: the MULTIVAC Group offers complete solutions for packing and processing food, medical and pharmaceutical products, as well as industrial goods - and as a technology leader it is constantly setting new standards in the market. For more than 60 years the name has stood for stability and values, innovation and sustainability, quality and excellent service. Founded in 1961 in the Allgäu region of Germany, the MULTIVAC Group is today a globally active solution provider, which supports small and medium-sized companies as well as large corporations in making their production processes efficient and resource-saving.


Concept Reply is an IoT software developer specializing in the research, development and validation of innovative solutions and supports its customers in the automotive, manufacturing, smart infrastructure and other industries in all matters relating to the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing. The goal is to offer end-to-end solutions along the entire value chain: from the definition of an IoT strategy, through testing and quality assurance, to the implementation of a concrete solution.