Case Study

Selex strengthens ecommerce infrastructure with AWS Cloud

Cloud Computing and eCommerce Applications

The challenges of integration

Storm Reply, an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, supported the Selex Commercial Group, starting from the early stages of migration to the company's day-by-day operations, through an active DevOps service based on the customer’s specific requirements.

Selex, integrated the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform to its existing eCommerce SAP Hybris platform. In addition to being scalable and fully managed in all its application and infrastructure components, the solution is also secure. This is due to the combination of Storm Reply’s Web Application Firewall (WAF) and the application and maintenance of AWS Security Best Practices.

With the expertise and commitment of Storm Reply's MSP experienced team, Selex can benefit from an Amazon Premier Consulting Partner's status, managing their systems and applications on AWS. Storm Reply’s MSP services include Cloud infrastructure monitoring, deployment of new workloads and the Cloud environment’s service management. With these services, Selex was able to quickly establish a successful collaboration and effectively migrate, manage and operate their applications on AWS.

The benefits of these platforms

Storm Reply supported Selex, ensuring greater security through the adoption of Cloud Security, with WAF (Web Application Firewall) and through the use of advanced disk encryption for inactive and in-transit data.

Selex’s networking flows have also been simplified, together with the adoption of innovative services such as AWS EFS, which multiplies the performance of the NFS network protocol, adding scalability of the data volume, high reliability, durability and an enhanced workload available to the SAP Hybris platform.

The AWS offer

AWS is able to offer a multitude of tools to improve the user experience, by returning all static website content with minimal latency, thanks to the CloudFront Content Delivery Network made available by AWS.

Scalability and elasticity, the very core of AWS philosophy, made it possible to exploit, in an efficient and cost-optimised way, the resources required to support the large amount of traffic generated by a platform integrated to a significant number of third party services, such as e-mail providers, payment systems and a dense network of external partners whose daily operations focus on generating business for the end customer.

The innovative development framework

The network infrastructure was designed following a Multi-AZ approach, taking advantage of the AWS Virtual Private Cloud, AWS Route 53, AWS Elastic Cloud Computing and AWS Elastic Load Balancing networking services. This, together with the serverless database logic offered by AWS Relational Database Service and AWS ElastiCache and relying on the versatility of the AWS S3 object storage and EFS file storage. The Cloud platform was configured and developed through the adoption of the innovative AWS CDK (Cloud Development Kit) development framework, which guarantees safe and repeatable Cloud resources relying on the AWS CloudFormation IaaC service.

Moreover, to provide a timely response to application, systematic and networking-related platform issues, the eCommerce system is monitored by PagerDuty, supervised by the Storm Reply DevOps Team and is integrated with one of the most modern Incident Response systems on the market.

I was not looking for a simple technology service provider, I wanted a collaboration with a partner that could fully integrate into Selex’ existing business structure, maximising synergies with existing projects.What I appreciated most over these past few months of collaboration with Storm Reply was their ability to put together a top quality, flexible and professional Italian team to work with us on site, capable of guaranteeing intervention times adapted to our specific requirements.

Andrea Nobili

Established in 1964 as Unione Volontaria A&O, SELEX is the third largest Group in the modern national distribution network, with a market share of 9.7% (Hyper + Super + Superettes + Discount + Drug). Made up of 12 Associated Companies, the Group has a sales network consisting of approximately 2,300 points of sale in 90 provinces and over 31,000 employees. In 2019 the Group’s turnover reached 11.1 billion Euros, registering an increase of +4.2%. 2020 is expected to record a further growth of +4.0%. The Group’s best-known brands are Famila, A&O and C+C, together with various regional brands that are often leaders in the area. SELEX Commercial Group is part of the ESD Italia purchasing centre, in turn partner of the leading European EMD retail alliance.

Storm Reply is the Reply Group company specialised in the design and implementation of cloud-based solutions and services. As an Amazon Premier Consulting Partner, Storm Reply supports a large number of medium-large size customers in Europe, by maintaining their systems and applications on the AWS platform. With a consolidated experience in Cloud IaaS, SaaS and PaaS services, Storm Reply provides a series of end-to-end services for the adoption of the Cloud, the development of new applications and the comprehensive management of associated cloud-based services.