Best Practice

Design, implement & evolve your Cloud Centre of Excellence

Reply can assemble a team of Cloud specialists to meet you and your team for a CCoE discovery workshop.

Managing Cloud Platform Customers

Organisations in the process of adopting Cloud, or those that have moved to or started in the Cloud must consider how it enables and governs its internal and external Cloud platform customers. A CCoE is an effective way to achieve this, and Reply is an excellent choice to design, implement and evolve your CCoE.

Reply can enable your organisation, leveraging a methodology developed to design the key components, drawing from Reply’s Cloud Adoption Framework for Enterprise (CAFFE), you will establish a working CCoE. These key components can be provided as a packaged framework with a clear step plan.

Reply’s approach to CCoE

Reply will guide you and your organisation through the following steps to establish a CCoE.

Vision & goal alignment

  • Define the vision & case for change

  • Qualify alignment with stakeholder(s) & team(s)

  • Communicate, publish & promote

Design principles

  • Tech principles e.g., infrastructure only

  • People principles e.g., internal / external ratio

  • Customer principles e.g., ‘white glove’ service for all

People & technology functional design

  • Establish Cloud service requirements

  • Define governance for review & approval

  • Develop functional design(s)

Process domains

  • Qualify business system components

  • Define business system groups

  • Define interactions between teams & organisations

Operating model

  • Qualify ‘as is’ operating model

  • Define target operating model (the desired state)

  • Design operating model based on step 1-4

Organisation design

  • Roles, responsibilities & skills

  • Team(s) structure

  • Learning & development plan

Tools & metrics

  • Define metrics across CCoE products & finance

  • Design Cloud service tooling

  • Incorporate with operating model

How to get started

Reply can assemble a team of Cloud specialists to meet you and your team for a CCoE discovery workshop. Workshops are run be experienced facilitators, and a key outcome is a taster of the first two steps in our methodology, namely, Vision & goal alignment and Design principles. Get in touch to find out more.