Case Study

Google Store Visit

The project’s main aim is to provide FCA dealer network in Italy and the rest of the Europe with a tool to accurately measure the efficiency and effectiveness of their Google campaigns.

Thanks to a strong collaboration and partnership between FCA, Reply and Google, we built a process with a centralized, scalable structure for over 1.500 dealers in EMEA. Due to the shared management of the Google My Business listings associated with each individual dealership account, we can measure results in a coordinated way that would not be feasible for a single dealer.

By evaluating “store visits” we can supply FCA dealer network with an estimated number of clients who visit their dealership due to campaigns across all Google channels and their average cost.
This connection also allowed us to create “location extensions” for the campaigns, to help users arrive at the dealership and activate the KPI needed to monitor and measure the impact of online activity versus in-store visits.


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