Case Study

Optimising the damage claim process with low-code

Reducing processing time and error rates in the damage claim process.



Damage claims:
a process to be automated

In the increasingly customer-centric perspective of the insurance landscape, the effectiveness and speed of handling damage claims are gradually assuming greater importance.

Indeed, the teams responsible for managing these types of requests usually take a great deal of time to understand, verify and validate the information received and to open damage claims on the back-end systems.

A leading player in the Italian insurance industry needed to enhance its control over the claims management processes, providing its customers with a more satisfactory service, reducing claim processing times for damage claims and improving the quality of the claim management process.


How to reduce claim settlement times and improve service quality?

The solution

Low-code, RPA and intelligent OCR to automate the end-to-end claims management process

Blue Reply’s experts guided the design and implementation of the low-code platform solution, based on a number of key elements:

  • Adoption of the Pega Platform for the implementation of processes, business user interfaces and integration with the company’s core systems.

  • Integration of a third-party OCR/AI component to extract all relevant data and information from incoming certified e-mails.

  • Automatic assignment of the processing of the claim based on the data extracted from the certified e-mail. 

  • Adoption of Pega Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to automate the creation of claims on the company’s claims systems.

  • Extensive use of Pega’s reporting capabilities to facilitate the monitoring and control of business processes

Thanks to the use of the Pega low-code platform, the project was completed in only 4 months of elapsed time, working with an agile team.


Higher automation, less processing time

In the customer’s specific context, the main results achieved included:

  • Optimising the performance and workload of back-office staff

  • Managing around 55,000 certified e-mails per year related to damage claims, with a 90% automation rate

  • Reducing the average processing time of a certified e-mail (from 7 days to 1.5 days)

  • Improving the processing accuracy, replacing manual management steps with automations based on integrations with back-end systems


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