Case Study

Keeping legacy applications up-to-date with AI

Cluster Reply simplified the maintenance of complex legacy systems for a major car manufacturer. Therefore, the experts developed special AI agents that provide employees with the necessary know-how and perform many tasks completely automatically.

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The challenge

Counteracting the skills shortage in IT with smart solutions

The scenario

Ensure the maintenance of proven systems

For our client, a leading car manufacturer, its legacy applications are indispensable. They not only impress with their tried-and-tested architecture and high reliability but have been adapted to the needs of the company over the years. But at the same time, their maintenance posed a burden for our client.

Taking care of these complex systems requires specific knowledge that fewer and fewer specialists have. In order to keep these legacy systems up-to-date in the future despite the shortage of specialists, intelligent management of know-how and ressources was in demand.


The solution

Optimized knowledge transfer and smart support

That's why Cluster Reply has developed specialized AI agents for the car manufacturer that make knowledge transfer much easier. With the help of these smart assistants, our client can, for example, record the specialist knowledge of departing employees and make it accessible to other employees or their successors. The AI agents can also analyze the skills and knowledge gaps of new employees and recommend personalized training plans based on this.

To facilitate working with the existing code for new developers the AI agents can standardize historically grown differences in the code. In addition, the new AI agents can also provide valuable support in the maintenance and creation of new code, thus compensating for the shortage of skilled workers:


Analyzing requirements

To determine maintenance requirements, employees can use AI to analyze user stories, historical project data or market trends.


Creation of user stories

The agents can also be helpful in the creation of user stories. Based on user behavior and feedback, they can identify and take into account pain points and preferences.


Generation of code

Based on descriptions in natural language or examples, the specialized AI agents can create new code and thus reduce the need for manual coding.


Reviewing the code

With the help of AI agents, employees can check new code for errors, vulnerabilities and compliance with proven best practices.


Increase reproducibility

Analyzing source code, comments and metadata enables AI agents to create extensive documentation and thus facilitate reproducibility.

The benefits

More efficiency and innovation

Thanks to Cluster Reply's solution, the car manufacturer can now ensure the maintenance of its legacy systems and thus their continued existence. The smart assistants provide:

Optimal knowledge transfer

Easier starting conditions for new developers

Improved use of existing resources

More capacity for innovative projects

You would also like to benefit from such AI-agents? Let's find the perfect solution for the maintenance of your legacy system.


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