Case Study

Digital native insurance

The customer experience revolution in the insurance landscape based on low-code.



New self-service sales channels

Within a continuously-changing technological landscape, insurance is also evolving, developing new sales channels. One of the leaders of the Italian insurance landscape has requested Reply’s support in its digital transformation process, leveraging low-code to create a new self-service sales channel.

The Reply team of experts worked with the customer based on an agile approach to develop a web and mobile platform for the estimation and sale of motor insurance policies and for the management of the claim filing process.

A simple user interface was introduced, in which a conversational workflow guides the user in collecting the necessary information.  Insurance processes have also been automated and integrated with AI-based services to ensure different functionalities:

  • Intelligent Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for automatic data capture from uploaded documents

  • Anti-fraud checks

  • Automatic assessment of damage to vehicles during the filing of a claim


How to stimulate the use of the self channel and enable a multi-channel experience?

The customer wanted to redefine their insurance processes, allowing them to develop a new company that was 100% digital native, through the adoption of simple, convenient and sustainable services. The key challenges faced by the project team included:

  • Stimulating the use of the end-to-end self channel, thereby allowing the Contact Centre to focus on activities with greater added value (e.g. upselling/cross-selling).

  • Allowing customers to file claims in self-service mode, which could be processed and paid out in just a few minutes thanks to fast cash mechanisms.

  • Increasing the conversion rate (from Prospect to Customer), thanks to the new conversational and informal experience integrated in the quotation, sales, after-sales and claims opening processes.

  • Ensuring optimal performance and 24/7 system availability.

The solution

Low-code and centre-out architecture for a multi-channel experience 

To make the most of the potential of the self channel and of the multi-channel approach, Blue Reply’s Solution Architects developed a solution based on the low-code/no-code cloud-based Pega platform.

An innovative solution, based on a number of key elements:

  • The Pega low-code/no code platform (deployed on the AWS cloud) to design the processes and the Contact Centre user interface

  • A centre-out architectural approach to ensure a multi-channel/omni-channel experience across the web, the mobile app and Contact Centre.

  • A market-leading product engine for configuring products and warranties 

  • A cloud-ready, microservices-based architecture for back-end capabilities

The choice of a low-code platform has contributed strongly to reducing design costs and shortening the Time-To-Market, making it possible to create the new, 100% digital native company in just 18 months.


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