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Smart Maintenance

The solution to support and manage maintenance operations and training processes for industry 4.0.

The need to digitise industrial areas of intervention

Industrial machinery and automated production plants are increasingly sophisticated and complex systems, and working on them requires specialised training that can often be carried out only close to the intervention areas. Equipping technical staff with digital tools able to structure information directly in the intervention context optimises the training process, speeds up the remote integration of new professionals, and improves the quality of interventions by helping to reduce downtime due to human error.

An innovative tool for optimising industrial procedures

To face this challenge, Reply developed Smart Maintenance: a modular and intuitive solution able to work on both Mobile devices and Mixed Reality headsets. The tool makes it easy to bring digital documentation, instructions and IoT data directly to the intervention area, speeding up the operational and training processes carried out by technicians: with a simple and intuitive visual interface combined with a no-code authoring tool, it allows the end user to quickly create, schedule and monitor working or training tasks. In particular, the solution is able to quickly identify problems and act on their resolution on the field: this increases worker productivity and safety, and ensures quick and easy access to digital information, improving the entire maintenance control process.

Modular XR

Smart Maintenance is accessible as an app developed for mobile devices: in addition to being portable and adaptable to any type of device, the app guarantees extreme scalability

Wearable XR

Smart Maintenance can be installed on various types of wearable devices that support the XR: thanks to Hololens technology, the solution ensures maximum immersion in the work situation, allowing users to be hands-free

Main features

This digital transformation tool offers a set of features in order to manage maintenance processes, knowledge transfer, and simplify operators' tasks on the field, being easily integrated into existing environments and systems.

Management of processes & non-linear procedures


No code

maintenance Alert



Documents and
multimedia management

Mobile and MR
headset support

IoT data management
and displaying

data displaying


Digitally revolutionising the workforce approach

Smart Maintenance is Reply's answer to the need for digital transformation and workforce enhancement through immersive technologies, always keeping human capital at the heart of the solution. The main benefits of the solution are:
• Improving the execution accuracy reducing downtime costs
• Enhancing worker safety with localised digital information and training pills
• Training employees to new positions faster
• A fast and selective content distribution to internal and external collaborators
• Allowing hands-free job execution on complex components with the aid of digital guidance

Smart Maintenance is designed to meet the different needs of users and to adapt to different tasks thanks to the flexibility of the no-code Admin console.

The Smart Maintenance structure

This all-in-one solution enables content authoring and procedures deployment from a user-friendly back-end. Thanks to its modular approach, it can then be executed from different devices, such as headsets and smartphones, allowing the different users to increase workforce and resilience. The resources that can be associated with the solution are of various types, and include, among others: text, video, 3D models and IOT data. This set of information, available directly in the intervention area, allows the development of a single procedure that is always updated in real time, facilitating the learning and maintenance processes.

On the one hand, the console admins can take care of the management at authoring level, determining the creation and management of procedures and the scheduling of activities; on the other hand, the information can be used on the various associated devices, such as mobile apps and headsets. The flexibility of Smart Maintenance enables the tool to be used by different company figures, who have very different tasks: from plant managers and operations managers to inspectors and field workers.


Use cases


Smart Maintenance allows users to enable on-field learning: with this knowledge management tool, information is transferred in a unique and effective way.


Preventive maintenance involves keeping accurate records of all inspections and maintenance, as well as knowing the lifetime of each piece of equipment, to determine its replacement frequency.

Health and safety

Knowing the surrounding environment and being aware of potential hazards will help all employees to avoid harmful or dangerous situations: with Smart Maintenance, Reply can provide workers with a personalised tool to better prepare for operations.