Best Practice

Augmented experience across channels

A positive experience is crucial for the successful interaction between the end customer and the brands. In order to be competitive, companies must provide adequate, tailored content to its customers. Holistic, Mixed Reality, Omnichannel and Metaverse are Reply’s newest innovations for providing outstanding customer experiences. 

Enriching the Telco Customer Experience

In an everyday changing world, companies have drastically accelerated the need to have a clear strategy and a deep understanding of their "digital experience". One of the challenges that Telco & Media companies are facing is to provide a service with high value content through high quality distribution. Within such frame, the criticality is defined by the different value perceived by each customer.

Users will more and more live a Hybrid experience pivoted on digital properties blended with the physical and companies shall be ready to master keywords such as Holistic, Mixed Reality, Omnichannel and Metaverse: keywords that are the hard drivers of the newest Reply innovations

Create an integrated and interconnected Digital Ecosystem in a Telcos Scenario

For Telco&Media companies to be competitive and attractive it is essential to have a crystal-clear idea of who the customers to reach are, and to get a deep knowledge of what they want. The interaction between the final customer and the brand pivots on a complex digital ecosystem where the experience is crucial. To be competitive, the right resolution is offering the right content at the right time, tailoring it to each one of them.

This requires companies to be attractive and adapt their proposition, therefore Telco providers should focus on:

Boost the digital proposition through new tech enablers

Extend video experience within synthetic ecosystem

Exploit the full value of an holistic data-driven approach

Strive for a fully automated & integrated customer support

How to achieve these results?

In this context a strategy based on actively listening to the customers and thoroughly analysing their data is crucial.

Being competent, innovative and able to promptly adapt to the new technologies in the right, smooth and effective way is pivotal for offering customers a consistent experience in all the distribution channels. Therefore, Telco providers should:

Boost the digital proposition through new tech enablers

We change the state of things, introducing new rules, methods and innovative strategies based on edge technologies. We count on  the digital services on a sw delivery chain, resilient and able to adjust itself to the external changes through:

  • Cloud native application

  • API based architecture

  • Total monitoring

Extend video experience within synthetic ecosystem

We provide frontend solutions that allows customers to enjoy the services smoothly and without degradation of quality. We offer support for Video distribution & consumption for both Live Event and VOD as well as custom development to allow Video enhancement through synthetic ecosystem.
We adapt and integrate enabling technologies by developing custom solutions through innovations such as VR, AR and Metaverse.

Exploit the full value of an holistic data-driven approach

We actively listen the Customer’s feedback, analyze and evaluate Customer interaction in order to get Insights and adapt the product/service to best match client expectations.

In order to create our customer data-driven decisions and follow the market trends we approach in several ways:

  • Using NPL machine

  • Monitoring data sources

  • Building and maintaining a DATA HUB

Strive for a fully automated & integrated customer support

We Take care of the digital experience of our customers offering enabling solutions to manage the services provided. We implement services based on customized solutions to meet final users’ needs, boosting the digital transformation during all phases of planning, as the creation of self care mobile app. Furthermore we enhance final customer support providing digital assistance through AI services, as digital human

Why Reply?

Due to extensive experience in Telco&Media Reply’s ability is to respond quickly to the customer’s needs, offering a personalized and innovative engaging digital experience, assure companies the right appeal, increase in revenues and growth of their business. Reply offers a wide range of services and stands out for remarkable capability to create integrated and interconnected Digital Ecosystem focused on Digital Experience and supporting customers during the entire process,

Thanks to our enterprise vision, innovative thinking, implementation of cross technological innovation, guided by a data driven approach, we are able to face challenges in a constant evolving context insurance effectiveness for our customer.