Case Study

Digital Procurement Services for the Generali Group

Reply supported the Generali Group in implementing a solution for monitoring key global procurement information.

A real-time view of suppliers and purchasing processes

The Generali Group's “One Procurement” model operates internationally across 26 countries, managing over 30,000 suppliers of products and services in categories such as IT, Consulting, Real Estate, Facility Management and Travel. This creates a complex ecosystem that requires continuous monitoring and improvement, in order to identify cost-saving opportunities and optimise purchasing processes and procedures.

Reply's WiseBuy procurement solution, consolidates information from official procurement systems, supplier registers and various information providers into a single access point.

The challenges and complexity imposed by the market have driven us to create a platform that would allow us to recover as much data as possible in a “plug'n'play” mode, on which we can operate to enable automation through RPA and BI reporting.

Lorenzo Morretta
Group Chief Procurement Officer, Gruppo Generali

Focusing on creating sustainable value

The program was launched to provide an increased transparency of processes to all stakeholders, expanding procurement beyond saving money, to include important issues like supplier and partner sustainability, consistently across countries and business areas.

The Generali Group has adopted the 5S model to define and monitor the most relevant KPIs:


Saving realisation

Process speed of procurement


Supplier excellence


Stakeholder satisfaction

A 'plug & play' solution

One of the main program requirements from the Generali Group was to create a solution that had minimal impact on existing IT systems, compared to legacy IT systems.

This was achieved by using cloud architecture and APIs for the exchange of information in real-time, allowing the integration of key platforms like SAP and Ivalua.

Connectors played a crucial role in seamlessly integrating specialised information providers, including ESG information. This ensures the continuous qualification and updating of the sustainability profile for each supplier. The use of connectors has also been essential for integrating specialised information providers, including ESG information and data providers to qualify and keep the sustainability profile of each supplier up-to-date.


Towards a single point of global synthesis

Thanks to the flexibility guaranteed by WiseBuy, Reply and the Generali Group have started a long-term program, which involves a progressive rollout in several countries where the Group operates, following its launch on the Italian market. The solution's progressive growth is particularly significant for Generali, a major global player in insurance and asset management, spanning over 50 countries, each characterised by different legal peculiarities and compliance obligations.

In the long term, the solution will ensure that procurement and stakeholders can consolidate all the required information and KPIs into a single data lake and in a single user interface. This facilitates the monitoring of the global performance of supplier and partner management processes.

Gruppo Generali


Generali is one of the major global players in the insurance and asset management sectors. Founded in 1831, the Group is present in 50 countries with a total prize collection of €75.8 billion in 2021. With almost 75,000 employees worldwide and 67 million customers, Generali has a leadership position in Europe and an increasingly significant presence in Asia and Latin America. At the heart of Generali's strategy is the commitment to being a customer's Life Partner, through innovative and personalized solutions, an excellent customer experience and a global and digitized distribution capacity. The Group has fully integrated sustainability into all strategic choices, with the aim of creating value for all stakeholders and building a fairer and more resilient society.


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