Case Study

Processing orders is child's play thanks to RPA

The toy manufacturer Haba has automated its order process with the support of Leadvise Reply to avoid a backlog in the future and to better catch peaks.

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The Project At a glance

Automating manual ordering processes to reduce processing time and relieve employees of repetitive tasks? A child's play for Haba thanks to Leadvise Reply's Robotic Process Automation solution.

The Scenario

Avoid backlog in order processing

Haba Familygroup is a German toy manufacturer whose product range includes wooden and textile toys, board and card games, puzzles, books, furniture and nursery accessories. Demand for these products is particularly high every year at Christmas. In the past, the enormous volume of orders at this time often meant that order processing could only be handled by weekend shifts and night work.

With every order placed in the web store, an e-mail was sent to Order Management. The information contained therein had to be manually transferred to the order system, which resulted in an average processing time of 5 to 10 minutes per order. With around 400 orders a day, a backlog was inevitable.

The solution

A software bot for the toy manufacturer

To optimize order processing, Haba has developed and implemented an intelligent automation solution based on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) together with Leadvise Reply.

The solution is based on a software bot. It receives the e-mail that is generated for each order in the web store and automatically transfers the information contained to Haba's system - a task that previously had to be done manually by an employee. If the software bot cannot fully process the order, for example, due to missing information, it prepares everything as far as possible and forwards only the relevant part to an employee.


How we did it

Tailored solution thanks to in-depth analysis

In order for Haba to benefit from a custom-fit solution that is precisely tailored to the needs of the toy manufacturer, we first recorded the existing processes in order and customer management. This enabled us to analyze them in detail and adapt them so that the benefits of RPA could be fully exploited. We then automated the processes using a new IT infrastructure based on Blue Prism and Decipher OCR software.


The result

Towards an automated future

Today, thanks to Leadvise Reply's automation solution, the processing time for an order at Haba is only 1.5 minutes on average instead of 5 to 10 minutes. This makes it easier to manage order peaks. At the same time, a backlog can be avoided thanks to RPA.

On the one hand, this benefits the customers, who receive their orders faster. On the other hand, automation relieves employees. It is therefore not surprising that the solution has met with broad acceptance among the workforces. And so Haba's employees are already gathering new ideas about which processes in the company should still be automated with the help of RPA. The first implementations are already being planned.


The HABA FAMILYGROUP has been enriching families and institutions for 85 years with high-quality products in the core areas of family life, play, education, movement, clothing and furniture. Under its umbrella, it unites the well-known brands HABA, JAKO-O and HABA Pro. Since it was founded in 1938 by Eugen Habermaass, the HABA FAMILYGROUP has been family-owned and based in Bad Rodach.


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