A primeira série virtual 'Unreal 5' para web

4 October 2022

In order to give the financial education content of Intesa Sanpaolo's International Subsidiary Banks Division a whole new look and in line with the new trends linked to the Metaverse, The Next Advisor has been launched. It is a web series that provides information to customers about the potential risks of online fraud, created entirely in the Unreal Engine 5 tool and featuring a Digital Human in the role of a cyber security expert.

With a strongly futuristic feel, The Next Advisor is the first series to harness the potential of virtual production and digital humans in the creation of innovative and easily-scalable brand content.

Initially produced for Hungary, Croatia and Egypt, the series will soon be extended – in the respective languages – to the entire network of Group banks managed by the Division. Each clip will have a different protagonist, adapted to the specific characteristics of the individual country and target audience.

The innovative production technique: The Company’s experts breathed life and gave voice to the Next Advisors, literally bringing their know-how into the third dimension, wearing a special Motion Capture suit (for capturing body and face movements) and participating actively in the creation of the series.

All this confirms the Intesa Sanpaolo Group's commitment to the dissemination of financial education, in particular with regard to cyber security issues, tackled in a completely new language thanks to the latest Virtual Production technologies.

“This type of approach opens up endless possibilities in the creation of brand content where we can choose original narratives and Brand Ambassadors in the specific image of the brand we are working with. In this context, where everything can be built from scratch, creativity has no limits: extraordinary locations, actors with the most diverse characteristics or hard-to-find props are no longer an obstacle to overcome.”  – affirms Sarah Grimaldi, Executive Creative Director at Xister Reply – “We want to extend our thanks to the Brand for seizing this opportunity with great vision and desire to experiment”.

The first episode, which focuses on phishing, is available online on the platforms of the International Subsidiary Banks' Division involved.

Episode 1 - Croatia
Episode 1 - Egypt
Episode 1 - Hungary

Xister Reply: creativity, data and technology come together thanks to the skills and experience of professionals who have embraced contemporary digital culture. Our goal is to extend the brand territories into an increasingly more competitive market, to shorten the distance between intention and purchase. We combine innovative data and marketing technologies to create an effective and eye-catching customer journey, to help brands attract potential customers and convert them into real customers.

The International Subsidiary Banks' Division, headed by Marco Elio Rottigni, oversees the Intesa Sanpaolo Group’s activities in the foreign markets in which it operates, through subsidiary and affiliate commercial banks. The Division, which boasts a strategic international presence with around 1,000 branches and 7 million customers in 12 countries in Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, provides direction, coordination and support to its foreign subsidiaries, enabling them to offer high-quality financial services to retail, SME and corporate customers.

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