A Reply e a Snam vencem o Nielsen Norman Award 2021

22nd April 2021

Reply, together with its companies Bitmama Reply and Cluster Reply, and in collaboration with Snam, has launched the company’s new “Easy” Intranet Platform and has won the Nielsen Norman Intranet Design Annual Award 2021. This Award is given to the best 10 corporate Intranets on a global scale.

The Easy project came about with the aim of offering a flexible corporate Intranet that could be customised by the user, was simple to use, could integrate the numerous corporate applications used by the company and, above all, was capable of facilitating communication between teams and people, an aspect that is fundamental, particularly with the recent shift to remote work.

“The challenge has always been to offer a functional internal company network that ensures a new user experience. An Intranet that is effective for working, for obtaining information and for feeling engaged. A tool in line with the Company’s cultural transformation with an increasingly employee-centric approach” explains Teresa Girardi, Head of Internal Communication and People Engagement at Snam.

The initiative, launched in June 2019, included an initial discovery phase. Interviews and co-design workshops were organised during this phase, involving more than 80 employees from 10 different locations, to identify the real needs and desires of future users. “The methodology proposed by our teams, a hybrid of Design Thinking and an Agile approach, was fundamental in driving the transformation effectively”, affirms Elena Previtera, Senior Partner at Reply. “The result is an innovative solution, in harmony with the principles of inclusive design and sustainability. It is characterised by a fast and intuitive user experience and a high degree of personalisation of the individual profile.”

The technological core of the solution was implemented on Microsoft 365 by Cluster Reply, the Group company specialised in consulting and system integration services on Microsoft technologies, which also ensured its integration with Reply’s main business systems. Thanks to the agile approach, it was possible to get the basic version of the new Intranet solution online in only a few months so that most employees could use it, and to release the final version shortly afterwards.

An internal communication campaign was launched in July 2020, organised by Bitmama Reply, which made the most of its expertise in brand experience, communication and digital design. The campaign reflects the concept on which the platform is based and speaks directly to the people of Snam, who remain the real protagonists: “Inspired by your energy, to give you energy every day”. From the outset, the aim of the project was to engage employees and accompany them both in the adoption of an innovative tool, and in a new way of experiencing the company.

Bitmama Reply
Bitmama Reply is a creative agency of the Reply Group. It was founded in 2009 with the mission of stimulating business effectiveness and growth for companies. Driven by creativity and supported by the newest and most innovative technologies, thanks to its broad portfolio of integrated skills in brand strategy, performance, data and insight, omnichannel communication, design and development of digital products and services, Bitmama Reply is committed to fulfilling its customers’ ambitions, bringing value and innovation across the entire customer experience.

Cluster Reply
Cluster Reply is the Reply Group company specialised in consulting and system integration services on Microsoft technologies. Cluster Reply is focused on innovation and has always offered Microsoft solutions, both on-premise and cloud-based, in the Modern Workplace, Business Applications, Applications and Infrastructure, Data and AI realms. The broad experience, achieved in more than 20 years of collaboration with Microsoft in Italy, enables Cluster Reply to help its customers choose the best Microsoft solutions for their needs, quickly and effectively, offering Microsoft-certified skills and bringing a distinctive knowledge of the market and of its processes to the table.

Snam is one of the leading energy infrastructure companies in the world, as well as one of the largest Italian companies listed in terms of capitalisation. Thanks to its sustainable and technologically advanced network, Snam ensures the security of supply and plays an enabling role in the energy transition. In addition to Italy, Snam operates through international subsidiaries in Albania (AGSCo), Austria (TAG, GCA), China (Snam Gas & Energy Services), France (Teréga), Greece (DESFA), United Arab Emirates (ADNOC Gas Pipelines) and the United Kingdom (Interconnector UK). First in Europe in terms of the transmission grid size (approximately 41,000 km) and natural gas storage capacity (approximately 20 bcm), Snam is committed to developing its business within the energy transition – biomethane, energy efficiency, sustainable mobility and hydrogen – and to achieving carbon neutrality by 2040.

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