Fraunhofer IML valida a LEA Reply™

02 August 2022

As in previous years, the warehouse management solution of the innovative logistics platform LEA Reply™ was validated by the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics (ILM). As part of the audit, the experts from Logistics Reply successfully demonstrated the functionality of the cloud-native solution using almost 3,000 test criteria. In addition to company and project data, Fraunhofer also assessed product specifications and system environment parameters, core functions of the warehouse management and its processes as well as more than 20 additional functions.

Several new functions and improvements were presented. Highlights of the purely cloud-based software include high availability according to individually agreed service levels as well as its flexible microservice architecture. Users of LEA Reply™ benefit from particularly secure protection against cyber-attacks and can flexibly scale their software package as their business expands. Operation as a software-as-a-service takes place without the need for proprietary servers.

As usual, the validation was carried out by a team of experienced and independent experts from the Fraunhofer Institute. Following the successful audit, LEA Reply™ is once again listed on the logistics IT platform To find the most suitable system, interested parties can query the warehouse logistics database for relevant search criteria.

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