Il cloud. Pensato per l’Italia.

Go Reply and Machine Learning Reply are the Signature Sponsors of “Il cloud. Pensato per l’Italia.” The event is an opportunity to present the two new Google Cloud Regions located in Milan and Turin. 

14 de junho de 2022
MiCo, Milano

Two new Google Cloud Regions are coming

Go Reply and Machine Learning Reply are the Signature Sponsors of “Il cloud. Pensato per l'Italia.”

The event is an opportunity to present the two new Google Cloud Regions located in Milan and Turin, capable of providing high-performance and low-latency products and services for all client companies, both in the private sector and in public administration.

During the full-day event, guests will be able to follow the sessions dedicated to the Partners, listen to success stories and visit the exhibition area.

We look forward to your participation in the event to discover, together, all the latest developments from the world of Google!

Meet the Reply experts

Follow our speeches and meet our experts at the stand

1:35 PM
2:00 PM

Data Highways in the Cloud | Blue Room


The evolution of Telepass towards a concept of mobility as a service will be presented during the speech: thanks to the support provided by Google Cloud and Reply, Telepass is reshaping its services and processes, putting data “at the centre”.
Guest Speaker: Rocco Volpe, CIO, Telepass


Digital Voice Assistant - MARGO -T


MARGO-T is a new generation Virtual Assistant, capable of interacting with the public, which will be present at the stand during the event. The interaction takes place through natural language, with a human face, digitally reproduced on a screen.

MARGO-T is able to understand the language used to communicate and based on the interest shown by the user, can both illustrate various use cases on Reply’s business and discuss general topics. The user experience is therefore that of a real dialogue with artificial intelligence, including on issues that go beyond business-related content, all accompanied by a fluid animation, synchronised with the textual content of the answers.