Case Study

Towards integrated mobility: IoT solutions for charging electric vehicles

Sense Reply has supported a leading company in electric mobility, implementing an IoT platform for intelligent vehicle charging, with the aim of simplifying management and reducing the costs of diversified assets.

The challenge

Intelligently integrate, monitor and manage different models of charging units to allow the use of services to customers of all types and on a large scale.


Towards advanced mobility

With increased awareness of environmental issues, decarbonisation needs and technological progress, the mobility sector is changing rapidly. We are seeing significant growth in electric vehicles, charging systems, the electrification of public transport and private fleets.

Therefore, ensuring widespread charging infrastructures that are highly integrated with distribution networks, smart grids and micro grids, is essential. To manage the growing complexity of these devices in the IT field, one of the main operators of the new mobility has expressed the need to develop open platforms related to charging services, which would allow multiple entities, public or private, to integrate to offer services or to use them.


The solution

A smart platform

To effectively respond to the request, Sense Reply, specialised in the field of mobility transformation, has developed a single IoT platform, based on the proprietary RIPA accelerator (Reply IoT Platform Accelerator), which has made it possible to manage and integrate different charging devices by brand and model.

Sense Reply has thus created a flexible and scalable solution, also ensuring maximum interoperability. The platform meets the needs of both Charging Point Operators (CPO) and e-Mobility Service Providers (eMPs).


An end-to-end offering, from design to commissioning

The Sense Reply solution included several work phases.


Analysis of customer needs and business model


Design and development of the IoT platform and the charging station management system


Use of AWS serverless components that provide a solid and flexible technological base


Integration of different charging device models on the IoT platform


Configuring end-to-end processes for optimal charging station operation and maintenance management


Centralised monitoring of charging operations


Rollout the solution in more countries


A flexible, reliable and integrated charging experience

The IoT platform allowed Sense Reply's customer to overcome the challenge of managing and integrating different EV charging stations on a global scale, ensuring a safe, reliable and advanced experience. The operator can count on the continuous and efficient operation of the columns, optimising maintenance and monitoring operations.


The rollout of the solution took place in several countries, spread across both Europe and the rest of the world.


Our solution delivers comprehensive integration capabilities, incorporating a wide array of charging unit models from numerous brands.

Multiple charging unit management

Our solution has successfully surpassed managing 100,000 charging units, reflecting significant advancement in EV support infrastructure.


Sense Reply is the Reply group company specialized in IoT, end-to-end solutions for Energy & Utilities, Telecommunications and Smart Cities. Sense Reply supports market-leading companies operating in these sectors in the transformation of their business models, processes and ICT architecture, in order to obtain a competitive and economic advantage by exploiting the power of IoT. Sense Reply designs and implements new services and business processes, enabling Things-to-Things, Human-to-Things and AI-to-Things models.

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