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Hypervsn 3D: holograms for digital marketing

Created to catch the public’s attention, Hypervsn's 3D holograms are the ideal high-impact instrument for events, exhibitions and retail, to support branded content and new business opportunities.

Much more than a simple illusion

3D holograms, in the form of dynamic light floating in space, can reach large sizes and have turned out to be a decidedly superior attention catalyst to most other media.

Enabled by one or more LED propellers, these systems are able to support Digital Marketing strategies perfectly, creating new business opportunities.

3D supports digital marketing strategies

Many international brands, from the tech world to the fashion industry, have already adopted the use of Hypervsn technology to support their events and enhance their presence in the store. This is in recognition of the exceptionally high-quality standard offered by this technology, in terms of performanceholographic rendering and colour quality, as well as when it comes to the creation and management of 3D content.

3D holograms are useful in the product launch campaign phases as they not only allow individuals the opportunity to view the product, but also to perceive it in 3D before it is available on a store shelf. Moreover, retailers can create exclusive and personalised situations.

In the industrial sector, holographic animations are effective in all storytelling scenarios, for example to show mechanical components, engines and complex machinery, describing the features and explaining how they work.

A new reality with 3D holograms

Protocube Reply obtained the Hypervsn certification

Protocube Reply has obtained Hypervsn’s Content Creation Certification. Hypervsn is a leading brand in the 3D projection technologies realm. Thanks to this certification, Protocube Reply can support its customers in the creation of 3D animations of their products.

Protocube Reply specialises in the creation and management of 3D resources, offering specialised products and services in 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing. Using some of the most advanced technologies available, Protocube Reply develops 3D content and applications designed to optimise the product development stages and exploit the advantages of 3D visualisation in the communication and marketing of its customers.