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The Lost World

A playful and immersive team building experience

What is the Lost World?

The Lost World is a innovative and immersive team-building experience created by Avvio Reply and Infinity Reply: a gaming adventure where teams have to work together against the clock to find clues, break codes, solve riddles and decode puzzles. 

Each team has one hour to find enough gold coins to escape. 

Work together, communicate well… and you might just make it out.

The game dynamics

A team’s plane on its way to an international conference is forced to ground by a violent storm. They land on a mysterious land with a volcano ready to explode. The only way to escape is to have the plane repaired by a gold-obsessed native. 

Each team has to find gold coins by solving a number of challenges and riddles. The gold is hidden across four themed islands - Medieval, Mayan, Science Fiction and Egyptian.

Each team has 1 hour to complete all four islands and finish The Lost World, but if a team finishes early, they can earn some extra gold coins through a bonus game. The bonus game is fully customisable, so the topics can be tailored to each business.

Once the team has searched the four islands for gold coins, they need to return to the plane and pay the native his fee for fixing it. After paying the native, they leave the lost world as quickly as possible, before the volcano lava consumes it. Whatever gold the team has left – this is their final score.

The player experience

The 'Lost World' experience is fully customisable to be available both as a live in-person and online experience.

The in-person experience involves people working together in a room. The only way to escape is to have excellent communication and teamwork skills. Participants, engaged in various challenges, must be able to mix creative, mathematical and mnemonic skills: the result is rooms buzzing with activity, working together with leaders they have never met before.

The virtual experience involves people working together remotely. The various riddles and puzzles are designed to be solved together via a digital whiteboard. The result is a virtual experience that guarantees teamwork wherever in the world you are.

Both experiences are designed so that you compete against other teams – the one with the most gold WINS! 


Infinity Reply is the Reply Group company specialised in the design and development of advergames and interactive 3D, augmented and virtual reality content and applications, leveraging the latest technologies to create innovative digital experiences. The areas of application for these solutions range from providing support to marketing and communication campaigns, to the creation of space-time travel experiences designed to allow users to appreciate artistic and architectural beauty from different time periods. Another key area of application is the training domain: these solutions make it possible to train workers in dangerous situations, but in total safety, using augmented and virtual reality experiences.


Avvio Reply is the leading creative agency in Employee Experience and Engagement. Avvio Reply works in partnership with major brands and across many organisational teams, including HR, Internal Communications, IT and Marketing, creating seamless Employee Experiences across the employee lifecycle to ensure that employees feel valued and empowered. 
Avvio Reply specialises in Employee Alignment, encouraging a united vision, Employee Readiness, getting employees up-to-speed and using new products, technology and tools, and Employee Adoption, helping organisations drive changes and re-enforce behaviours on a day-to-day and long-term basis.