Case Study

Sparda-Bank: transformation with RPA

Leadvise Reply and Sparda-Bank München eG establish enterprise-wide automation solutions with Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Relief from routine activities

In many banks, the daily work routine is defined by repetitive processes. However, many of these processes can be automated with Robotic Process Automation (RPA). This frees up resources that can then be employed elsewhere. In addition to relieving in-house staff of routine tasks, process know-how that has been outsourced to external service providers can be reconsolidated in the company. The software robots not only perform the tasks perfectly, but also increase the speed by up to 80 per cent, around the clock.

The pilot project

Sparda-Bank München opted for the RPA platform Blue Prism to automate various processes.

Leadvise Reply successfully supported the rollout. Encompassing almost 11,000 data records per year, the daily client address changes were identified as a pilot process.

During the pilot phase, it was important that all employees understood and learned the processes fully and were able to implement them independently: This is essential when working with software robots – bots for short – in order to be able to respond quickly to problems or disruptions in the operational process.

Blue prism expertise in cooperation with strategic needs analysis

Clearly structured and well-documented processes form the basis for successfully implementing RPA. Throughout the project, the Sparda-Bank team from the Strategy and Development department therefore acted as a crucial interface between the specialist departments and the IT department. This is where the needs analysis and requirements management came together.

Leadvise Reply's technical expertise with regard to Blue Prism during the initial implementation of the processes as well as the necessary technical setup, and the in-depth understanding of change management in organisational structures and processes contributed decisively to the smooth integration of bots into the existing processes and IT structures. This significantly increased the acceptance of the employees, the brunt of whose work was now performed by the bot.

Quick wins leading to a company-wide rollout

Building on Sparda-Bank München eG's existing central process management system, it was possible to quickly adapt not only the address change process but also other processes in the area of online limit changes and construction financing and optimise them for the RPA implementation.

10 days

Implementation time for the pilot project

16,000 euros

annual direct savings as a result of the project

+2 processes

implemented in 20 days

> 30,000 euros

savings per year thanks to the further processes

Follow-up projects up to a centre of excellence

15 processes have already been identified for further automation, which have so far taken up a large number of employees' working hours annually. The initial quick successes were followed by company-wide RPA follow-up projects, in which Leadvise Reply played a decisive role: starting with the implementation of the final Blue Prism infrastructure to the establishment of an internal RPA Centre of Excellence, which as a group of experts takes on tasks ranging from simple RPA implementation to creating transparency regarding the benefits of RPA implementation The CoE also helps to open up business areas for RPA that would otherwise oppose this change. In addition, so-called pair programming has been used in the company as "hands-on" training for in-depth enhancement of the RPA developer skills of the CoE members. The CoE can be seen as a group of experts whose tasks range from simple RPA implementation to creating transparency regarding the benefits of RPA implementation.

Sparda-Bank München eG


Sparda-Bank München eG is Germany's first "Gemeinwohl-Bank" and thus combines economy, ecology and social responsibility. It documents its actions for the good of society in its "Gemeinwohl-Bilanz" (common good balance sheet). In its business area of Upper Bavaria, Sparda-Bank München serves around 300,000 members.

Leadvise Reply

Leadvise Reply specialises in management consulting regarding the challenges of digitalisation with a focus on industries including telecommunications, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, or the banking and stock market sector. Leadvise Reply supports companies in digitalisation, organisation and implementation projects using advanced technologies such as Robotic Process Automation, Intelligent Process Automation, Process Mining or Cognitive Assistants. The focus here is on a holistic end-2-end process transformation and includes strategy, business model development as well as roll-out management.