Case Study

Automation of digital processes at Helvetia

Macros Reply has supported the insurance company Helvetia in implementing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and enabled the acceleration of many processes.


A software bot that takes over repetitive routine tasks? At Helvetia, such digital helpers are now part of everyday business. They are based on an RPA solution from Macros Reply.



Avoid repetitive processes for employees

Copy, match, paste, move: At Helvetia, a lot of data needs to be processed in the same way every day. To relieve the employees of these repetitive processes and create capacities for other tasks, the insurance company wanted to automate them.

The challenge

Cross-system processes & legacy applications

Between the notification of a claim and the payment of the sum insured, there are numerous steps in which the customer data pass through many different systems. For such cross-system processes, which are common at insurance companies like Helvetia, classic automation applications as work flow softwares are not very suitable. Lengthy interface developments would be necessary to implement them. And so, due to the inflexible legacy applications, a different solution was needed for Helvetia.

The solution

Implementation of software bots

With the support of Macros Reply, Helvetia has implemented Robotic Process Automation (RPA) instead of a classic automation solution. RPA is based on software bots that track the manual work steps of employees and then imitate them. In this way, many complex and cross-system processes could be automated and thus accelerated at Helvetia. Today, the insurance company uses RPA, for example, as part of an electronic process and archive system, for claims or the processing of online requests.

Not only the technical dimension plays a role in the implementation of such solutions. The human factor is also crucial. In its cooperation with the expert from Macros Reply, Helvetia could rely on both succeeding, as Thomas Neusiedler, CEO of Helvetia, remembers.


A successful collaboration

Today, Helvetia benefits from RPA technology in many ways. Through automation, the insurance company has already been able to save a volume of person-years. In addition, the employees feel "relieved in the right place", says Neusiedler. And the customers also profit from the RPA implementation through faster processing times.


Helvetia operates all lines of life and property-casualty business in Austria. With more than 850 employees, the company serves over 550,000 customers. In the financial year 2022, Helvetia's premium income in Austria amounted to EUR 582.1 million (life, property-casualty insurance). By focusing on the individuality of our customers and providing advice tailored to this, the company is taking on a pioneering role in Austria in this regard. As a forward-looking insurance and pension company, Helvetia pursues the approach of viewing developments in society as a whole, taking into account ecological, social and economic aspects (ESG criteria), as an opportunity for sustainable success. It therefore focuses on the needs of its customers, partners and employees with sustainable product solutions and various commitments.


Macros Reply is an expert in digitalization and automation of business processes for insurance companies and financial service providers. In order to meet their high standards, Macros Reply develops flexible and configurable software for the core functionalities, enhanced with solutions from selected, tested and long-term partners. Using innovative technologies such as Process Mining, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Machine Learning, Macros Reply helps its customers in their transformation into modern, fast acting companies: Relieve the processing from routine work and support value-adding activities, with benefits for the customer in significantly reduced processing times. Macros Reply also stands for: ECM, transaction processing & DMS, distribution rules, workflow & process management, eFiles and ePostboxes, and archiving.