Case Study

Vivisol renews its healthcare portals on a global scale

Vivisol, with the support of Open Reply, redefines the digital experience of doctors and patients on a global scale through tailor-made portals that comply with GDPR regulations.

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The challenge

Unify the user experience for doctors and patients, complying with GDPR regulations and adapting to territorial differences.


A customer experience without boundaries

Vivisol, a leading company in the healthcare and medical care sector, has established itself as one of the main homecare providers in Europe and assists more than 600,000 patients in 18 countries around the world.

Faced with a growing territorial presence, Vivisol has set itself the goal of redefining the digital experience for its stakeholders on a global scale, to ensure a fluid and unified experience despite the socio-cultural differences and health practices specific to each country in which Vivisol operates.

The solution

Tailor-made portals to improve healthcare

With the support of Open Reply, Vivisol has worked on a new tailor-made digital solution that would guarantee full compliance with data privacy regulations. The solution is based on a system of highly personalised web portals, created through Liferay DXP (Digital Experience Platform) and can respond to the specific needs of each country. In addition, through the implementation of Liferay Experience Cloud, Vivisol can benefit from a Cloud PaaS (Platform as a Service) platform to manage the infrastructure directly, without the need to worry about managing a data center. Through these portals, healthcare professionals and patients are able to easily and immediately access valuable resources and information, increasing user interaction and satisfaction.



Personalisation, Usability and Innovation

Open Reply worked with Vivisol to fully understand the company's specific needs and objectives. Open Reply's approach has placed particular emphasis on the usability of portals, for an overall improvement of the digital experience of users, always keeping the focus also on the protection of user data. Among the new features introduced in the portals, the localisation of content has been included for more effective communication with different user communities. In addition, patient management systems have been integrated, optimising the flow of information between the various actors involved in healthcare.

Thanks to the introduction of personalised web portals, the experience of the stakeholders involved has been enriched, allowing healthcare personnel to conveniently manage prescriptions and reports online, while patients can easily make reservations and consult reports. All this has been achieved with constant attention to compliance with GDPR for the management of health data, ensuring maximum security and confidentiality of patient data.

The benefits

Simplified access, more digital interactions


Increased user interaction

After the portals were published, there was a significant increase in user interaction. This has created a stronger connection between Vivisol and its stakeholders around the world.


Better access to localized content

By localising content, patients and healthcare professionals in each country now have easier access to important resources and information, improving their understanding of local healthcare practices.


Strengthening the digital presence

The solution has consolidated Vivisol's digital presence, improving its visibility and online reputation. This has helped to unify the brand's identity globally, ensuring consistency in communication and user experience.


VIVISOL S.r.l., a company of the SOL group, operates in the field of home care.
VIVISOL is therefore a provider of home care services that focuses on improving the quality of life of chronic, multi-chronic and frail patients whose therapy is delivered at home or in comfortable residential facilities.


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