Case Study

B. Braun: Software based Cross-Channel communication

Syskoplan Reply, together with Qualtrics, enables effective
and efficient internal and external communication and
interaction for the medical technology and
pharmaceutical company B. Braun.

Internal and external communication

As a manufacturer of medical technology and pharmaceutical products and services, it was crucial for B. Braun to find a software solution that would enable effective and efficient communication and interaction across internal and external users (customers, logistics partners). As a CRM provider, the company had previously been using Salesforce as a standalone solution.

A particular future requirement was that questions, enquiries and requests for action could be submitted reciprocally between business partners in different formats, on different occasions and via different channels.

Documentation of complaints

Particularly when communicating with external partners, the software solution should enable the documentation of different incidents (for example complaints).

Internally, one important requirement was the monitoring of success and learning results after training or evaluations in connection with the onboarding and offboarding of B. Braun employees.

The requirements

To ensure effectiveness and efficiency, the solution also had to enable the following:

Seamless integration of partners and business processes

Worldwide use through a multilingual solution

Anonymous as well as personalised surveys

Flexible reporting of results

Options to independently implement further developments

The solution integration of Qualtrics in Salesforce

B. Braun and Syskoplan Reply developed the appropriate software solution together with Qualtrics as a partner. The Qualtrics software offers technical integration options with Salesforce as standard. Syskoplan Reply enabled the necessary seamless integration of business processes by enhancing Salesforce cases with the results of the Qualtrics surveys.

Experience management via single sign-on

Qualtrics offers both the multilingualism required for worldwide use and the option to conduct anonymous as well as personalised surveys. The desired flexible presentation in reporting can also be flexibly reproduced in the Qualtrics software via an extensive dashboard component.

Syskoplan Reply developed a single sign-on option for the integration of Qualtrics. In addition, the integration experts set up the Qualtrics XM Directory to collect all survey data, which, among other things, enables the flexible and ongoing development of the solution.

Knowledge transfer for the customer

The project method chosen by Syskoplan Reply focused explicitly on enabling B. Braun to independently create and further develop additional surveys.

Parallel to the implementation, comprehensive instructions were created with the Qualtrics solution as documents as well as videos for mapping the requirements.

The successes for the business

Complaints management was seamlessly mapped as an integrative, relevant business process through the mutual interaction of Salesforce and Qualtrics in just six weeks. It took just six more weeks for B. Braun's specialist users to carry out all future new developments and enhancements independently. After developing a suitable technical basis for user and business partner management and creating an expandable database, B. Braun is prepared for the rollout in the global markets and a continuous reporting of the results. This will ensure long-term effectiveness and efficiency in the surveys and their subsequent interactions.

B. Braun

B. Braun is one of the world's leading manufacturers of medical technology and pharmaceutical products and services. Every service provided by B. Braun reflects the company's accumulated technical competence, deep understanding of user needs and comprehensive expertise since 1839. With a steadily growing portfolio of effective medical care solutions, B. Braun is making a major contribution to protecting and improving people's health worldwide. The product range comprises a total of 5,000 products, 95 per cent of which are manufactured in-house. With its complementary service offerings and advisory services, B. Braun is a system provider that develops the best solution for patients in close partnership with its customers.

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