Case Study

Global bank cloud migration programme

How Airwalk Reply set up its framework for a bank’s rapid and game-changing move to public cloud, and established new ways of working and new architectural and security principles.


Developing a reactive IT infrastructure to address changing customer expectations and complex regulatory and security challenges.


Ensuring compliance and security in a complex financial environment

Airwalk Reply, the Reply company which specialises in cloud technology adoption and integration, has collaborated with a major client in the financial sector. The customer is one of the largest and most complex financial institutions in the world. It currently operates in over 60 markets, with as many regulators, and serves 40 million customers worldwide. In addition to this, they own several businesses which spans several different areas and industries, including retail and corporate banking, global markets, insurance and wealth management. As the organisation is massive and multi-faceted, they wanted to enhance their IT infrastructure, services and applications. Alongside this, they wanted to ensure compliance with various regulatory requirements and improve their overall security posture.



Pursuing a cloud-first strategy

In response to the client's regulatory, security, and IT challenges, Airwalk Reply developed a cloud-first strategy by adopting an approach that prioritised cloud-based solutions to enhance IT infrastructures, services, and applications. This strategy was chosen for its potential to offer several benefits, such as cost savings, scalability, agility, and improved security, compared to traditional on-premise IT solutions. By leveraging this streamlined approach, the client can improve their digital transformation and innovation efforts while reducing costs.

The cloud-first strategy forms part of the broader Airwalk Reply framework that involves moving IT resources, services, and applications to the cloud. By migrating to the cloud, the client can take advantage of the inherent benefits that come with cloud-based solutions, including improved accessibility, reduced infrastructure complexity, enhanced data security, and lower operational costs.



A framework for the move to the public cloud

Airwalk Reply’s solution involved establishing and setting up relationships with the major platform providers, such as AWS, Microsoft 365 and Azure services to create new ways of working, as well as architectural and security principles. This helped facilitate the framework for the bank’s rapid and game-changing move to public cloud. The public cloud describes an IT model that uses shared infrastructure, so you can automatically scale up your computer and storage resources. In doing so, this provided the client with many benefits, including increased security for the services needed.


Enhancing core security and pipelines

Airwalk Reply helped their client deliver over 40 live business services, including mission-critical applications. These were hosted on both AWS and Google, and had a pipeline of more than 100 services across all three major cloud service providers. Additionally, Airwalk Reply reviewed and implemented over 30 cloud services for consumption by their client’s project teams. Following the review, the client also had more efficient and effective core security controls, tooling, pipelines and financial frameworks to globally scale cloud adoption.


Airwalk Reply is a leading global consultancy for modern cloud technology adoption and integration. We work with clients with complex technical and organisational challenges to achieve the required business outcomes through strong delivery leadership and technology expertise. We thrive in highly complex environments where technology needs to be delivered alongside regulatory restrictions, risk, compliance, security concerns, resource limitations and evolving customer needs. Unlike many of our competitors, we bring both in-depth technical expertise and programme delivery capability.